SRFISquash Rackets Federation of India
SRFIStrategic Rail Freight Interchange (intermodal transport)
SRFIScheme Requests for Implementation
SRFISatyajit Ray Film Institute (Kolkata, India)
SRFISupplementary Request for Information
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Despite repeated attempts to contact them, SRFI officials were not available for comment as to why they did not consider Dipika good enough to be nominated for the award.
Both Punj Lloyd PSA and WISPA Masters 2010 form the grand finale of Punj Lloyd Squash Masters 2010 - India's largest ever corporate initiative to develop and promote the sport of squash at the grassroot level in India - organised by Punj Lloyd in association with SRFI.
Srivatsan Subramaniam, Secretary General of the SRFI said, "The importance of Punj Lloyd's continued commitment for the promotion of the sport cannot be understated and we commend the Group for stepping forward to offer their support.