SRFPSummer Research Fellowship Program (various universities)
SRFPSexuality Research Fellowship Program (est. 1996; Social Science Research Council; New York, NY)
SRFPSwiss Re Financial Products (insurance; multiple locations)
SRFPStochastic Root Finding Problem (calculus function)
SRFPSub-Regional Focal Point (disaster preparedness term)
SRFPSecond Rural Finance Project (Vietnam; World Bank)
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The SRFP administrator Mahmoud indicated that TV and print media coverage was crucial to the page's prominence and increased membership.
Television channels that look into mediating stories from inside Syria became the mediator between the public and the SRFP administrators.
As in the Burma Campaign UK, whose growth is due to the power of a Facebook group and the BBC, the interconnection between the Internet and broadcast media shaped the evolution of the SRFP (Chadwick, 2013).
The SRFP also featured a picture of a clenched fist with a red color suggestive of blood, which was like calling for a civil war (Ribal Al Assad, in Lesch, 2012).
One main reason for the public mistrust was that the SRFP was not founded until January 18, only a few weeks before the protests erupted, which was not enough time to build trust in a platform that was new to the public and had only one conduit between the administrators and the public--the spokesperson, Fida.
The failure of the first Internet-organized protest compelled the SRFP administrators to include additional methods in their repertoire of contention, defined by Tilly (2006) as the subset of tactics people employ to make claims against powerful others.
If the SRFP played any part in the emergence of the Syrian uprising, it did so particularly as the first public platform to encourage the public to take action.
Yet the diffusion of the protests occurred mostly on March 25, dubbed the Friday of Glory by the SRFP administrators.
The 2-point fall in national SRFP from December to March was mainly due to a large drop of 17 points in the Visayas, from 50 percent in December to 33 percent in March.
We also expect that our financial advisor, Credit Suisse First Boston, which has closely worked with SRFP in the negotiation of the key features of the Risk Facility, will launch the formal project financing process in the near future.
As part of the Financial Services Business Group, SRFP is also one of Swiss Re's integral operating companies, but its rating is based on SRZ's guarantee of SRFP's business obligations (although not explicitly the entirety of its short-term debt obligations).