SRFPSummer Research Fellowship Program (various universities)
SRFPSexuality Research Fellowship Program (est. 1996; Social Science Research Council; New York, NY)
SRFPSwiss Re Financial Products (insurance; multiple locations)
SRFPStochastic Root Finding Problem (calculus function)
SRFPSub-Regional Focal Point (disaster preparedness term)
SRFPSecond Rural Finance Project (Vietnam; World Bank)
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As part of the settlement agreement, SRFP and XL Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd will keep the swap in place as well as amend and restate a written confirmation that they originally executed.
We also expect that our financial advisor, Credit Suisse First Boston, which has closely worked with SRFP in the negotiation of the key features of the Risk Facility, will launch the formal project financing process in the near future.
At the same time, Standard & Poor's also assigned its triple-`A' long-term counterparty credit rating to SRFP.
The ATLAS PLC has the capability to receive inputs provided in this SRFP.
IID expects that the application selected as a result of this SRFP will be a currently available product that does not need to be created or heavily customized.