SRFPSummer Research Fellowship Program (various universities)
SRFPSexuality Research Fellowship Program (est. 1996; Social Science Research Council; New York, NY)
SRFPSwiss Re Financial Products (insurance; multiple locations)
SRFPStochastic Root Finding Problem (calculus function)
SRFPSecond Rural Finance Project (Vietnam; World Bank)
SRFPSub-Regional Focal Point (disaster preparedness term)
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By area, as of September, the SRFP rate was 21 in NCR, 31 in Balance of Luzon, 49 in Visayas, and 46 in Mindanao.
Tracing the course of the protests and conducting interviews helped to identify four phases of the peaceful protests analyzed here: (1) experimentation, during which the administrators of the SRFP struggled to spark widespread protest using ICTs and TV channels; (2) local protest, in which contextual factors such as the presence of experienced activists, social networks, protest culture, and shared grievances helped foster a sense of togetherness; (3) diffusion, as mobilization began in new protest sites, in this case mosques, with the help of experienced activists' networks; and (4) organized collective action, in which the nascent protest culture helped drive the formation of transnational public networks.
The SRFP also played an informative role, releasing information on the time and location of protests planned for February 4, 2011, in Syria.
SRFP decreased by 8 points in Mindanao, from 46% in September 2018 to 38% in December 2018, and by 5 points in the Visayas, from 49% to 44%.
However, SRFP increased by 1 point in Metro Manila, from 21% in September to 22% in December, and was steady at 31% in Balance Luzon.
They were 20.7 percent of SRFP in March 2017, down from 24.9 percent in December 2016.
The SRFP decreased by eight points in Balance Luzon from 32 percent in December to 24 percent in March.
For the improvements in SRP and SRFP, I give credit to consumer price stability.
Compared to the full year 2015, however, the June SRFP was lower by 12 points in Mindanao, 7 points in Visayas, 2 points in NCR, and 1 point in BL.
The 2-point fall in national SRFP from December to March was mainly due to a large drop of 17 points in the Visayas, from 50 percent in December to 33 percent in March.