SRFTSalford Royal Foundation Trust (National Health Service; UK)
SRFTSimplified Real Frequency Technique
SRFTSimplified Rey Figure Test (neurological evaluation)
SRFTSan Rafael Federation of Teachers (San Rafael, CA)
SRFTSecure Remote File Transfer (encrypted data exchange)
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SRFT is based on scattering parameter representation of a lossless two-port network.
In this approach, a transformer free LP ladder prototype is constructed via SRFT where, the polynomial f(p) is selected as a constant, f(p) = 1, and the constant term of the h(p) polynomial is set as [h.
Although this approach is a subset of the previous case, its usage along with SRFT provides flexibility in the control of pass bands and roll off characteristic [17].
1, a sixth degree h(p) polynomial is introduced to SRFT routine.