SRGSSpeech Recognition Grammar Specification
SRGSSummer Residential Governor's Schools (Virginia Department of Education)
SRGSSelected Readings in General Surgery (publication)
SRGSStimulated Raman Gain Spectroscopy
SRGSSt. Rose Grammar School (Belmar, NJ)
SRGSSurvivable Relay Ground Stations
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They cover external connectivity between degrees and the internal cabling between degrees and SRGs. Express links are used for transit traffic, internally passing from one degree to another (CTP ports).
It is through this interaction with the outside world that a "self" develops in the particular ways most of interest: "Self-conscious evaluative emotions first involve a set of standards, rules, or goals (SRGs).
"This adds to the concern that some of the regulations, with their potential weakening effect, and the overlap with the new SRGs are merely a method of gradually phasing out CHCs in Wales."
At a normal laser beam intensity of 100 mW/[cm.sup.2], any formation of SRGs on poly (DGEBA-co-An-azo-HNAB) films was barely detectable.
Grammar is stored in a W3C-compliant format called Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS), specifically in an XML format known as Grammar XML (GRXML).
In preliminary analyses of the first 100 respondents to the questionnaires in the original study, one-way analyses of variance demonstrated a significant difference by gender on the two measures of personal growth: Stress-Related Growth Scale (SRGS) (Park et al., 1996) [F(2, 97) = 4.820, p = .010] and Posttraumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI) (Tedeschi & Calhoun, 1996) [F(2, 97) = 3.020,p = .053].
Pronunciations are grouped together into the PLS document which may be referenced from other markup languages, such as the Speech Recognition Gramrnar Specification (SRGS) and the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML).
-- Enhanced VoiceXML support: 100% support for VoiceXML 2.0 and 1.0 with full support of SRGS 1.0, ABNF, and SSML 1.0.
For the best-sounding jazz reissue this year, my award goes to Sony for the remarkable work their engineers in Japan did with Miles Davis' Some Day My Prince Will Come (Sony Japan SRGS 4544, single layer SACD, stereo only).
In Section 2.2 we present a parameterization of another linear method: shift-register generators (SRGs).