SRHASouthern Railway Historical Association (Spencer, NC)
SRHAStock-Raising Homestead Act of 1916 (law)
SRHAState Rural Health Associations
SRHAScandinavian Reining Horse Association
SRHASoftware Requirements Hazard Analysis
SRHASociety for the Rehabilitation of the Horn of Africa (est. 1996)
SRHASalem Rental Housing Association (Salem, OR)
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John Green, chief executive of SRHA, said: "For SRHA, signing up to Make a Stand was firstly about making a very clear statement that we won't tolerate domestic abuse.
Since there is no available method for quantitative or qualitative evaluation of bone cement resorption, the evaluation of SrHA resorption and cancellous bone formation (Group A) inside the column constructed by the PEEK loops was rated as present (+) or absent (-) based on different axial CT scan slices taken 12 months postoperatively (Figures 1(a)-1(c)).
All three hypotheses in this study were confirmed: (1) Sr-HA and PMMA equally restored the fractured thoracolumbar vertebral body angulation and heights, (2) bone cement leakage in VP with SrHA was less than that with PMMA, and (3) Sr-HA paste was resorbed and replaced by cancellous bone.
A clinical study reporting on the use of SrHA in VP for the augmentation of single osteoporotic thoracolumbar fractures revealed maintenance of the vertebral body height with only 3 (13%) cases of slight Sr-HA leakage into the spinal canal, but none of the patients developed any neurologic sequela [5].
A single sRHA in the southwest part of the Central Zone was identified as a second potential cluster during April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2009 (486.7 annual cases per 100,000, p < 0.001).
These were concentrated in parts of the North Zone (DSR 305.46 per 100,000, p < 0.001), the eastern part of the Central Zone (DSR 290.24 per 100,000, p = 0.011) and the western part of the Central Zone when combined with a sRHA from the North Zone (DSR 364.35 per 100,000, p = 0.036).
We have also assumed that the sRHA of residence has not changed over time and that the data do follow a Poisson distribution.
Geographic data were geo-coded to 70 subregional health authorities (sRHAs) which constitute five provincial health Zones (North, Edmonton, Central, Calgary, South) by Alberta Health along with latitudes and longitudes for population-based geographic centres (centroids).
Stock-Raising Homestead Act of 1916 (SRHA) (15) and its capacious
approximately 70 million acres of land patented under the SRHA, (17) the
something falls within the scope of the SRHA's mineral reservation
In a separate but linked development, the Centre for Rural Health, funded originally by the SRHA, then the Health Funding Authority and finally by the Ministry of Health, closed at the end of last year.