SRHRSexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
SRHRSlow Reversal-Hold-Relax (therapy)
SRHRScience and Reason in Hampton Roads
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Addressing the event, Netherlands Ambassador Leoni Margaretha Cuelenaere said the phase-II of the project will enable the garment workers to have to access to improved SRHR products and services through inclusive business initiatives.
through research projects on SRHR, which Plan International could undertake to contribute
Table 1: The Influence of Extremism on SRHR in Five Asian Countries Who Signed Onto CEDAW India/Hinduism (2) CEDAW Influence of Extremism on SRHR Signed in 1980 with India is a secular democracy declarations and reservations and equality for all is (A.
This may, at least in part, be attributable to the fact that the MDGs were originally completely silent on the role or importance of SRHR in improving health--especially, maternal and newborn health--and in promoting economic and gender empowerment.
Poonam Muttreja, Executive Director, Population Foundation of India lamented that,"There is no global or national political commitment on SRHR for women and this has always been a contentious issue.
Professional knowledge of service delivery, gathered systematically, but learned through the daily challenges that programmers struggle with, provides another set of evidence important for improving feasibility and implementation of SRHR interventions.
In the absence of supportive data, researchers who recruit adolescents into SRHR research may need to demonstrate how the research would address the potential for such misconception.
Stakeholders--including government, donors, private sector, civil society--to recognize and support this network in reaching out to young people in the area of SRHR and HIV/AIDS to ensure an effective youth-adult partnership.
Despite the good intentions at Cairo, the money to improve SRHR has not been forthcoming.
This approach is necessary because well-functioning health systems are essential for the fulfillment of the SRHR agenda.
Even among young experts, with excellent knowledge on the issues, the intense need for dialogues and intercultural communication on the matter of SRHR was evident.
Knowing the community means finding out what people think about SRHR issues and how they are personally affected by the policies that govern the provision of S&RH services.