SRHRSexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
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Unlike SRHR, which emphasizes the individual's well-being, the author weaves his population story based upon the common good, departing from some of the more coercive population policies like those of Romania or China that neglect both the individual and collective well-being in favor of a callous numbers-based perspective.
We are equally indebted to our core funders Oxfam Novib and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) whose continued confidence in our work and generous support allows us to address emerging challenges in the field of SRHR proactively and effectively.
An important aspect of WHRAP's advocacy is in achieving a measure of control over decision-making related to SRHR programmes and services at the local level.
Participants were encouraged to share their individual and collective experiences to bring SRHR issues to the table.
Malyn Ando from Asian Pacific Resource Centre for Women (ARROW) explained why are SRHR issues so important for development justice and also for post-2015 sustainable development agenda.
The international community has reaffirmed the importance of SRHR by including specific targets in official SDG proposals.
Creating knowledge and generating evidence to define the negative trends of religious extremism in key countries and its impact on SRHR, especially with regards to access to contraception, safe abortion services and comprehensive sexuality education.
Practically, we need to be very clear of what concepts actually mean, whether the terms we decide to use are 'fundamentalism,' 'conservatism' or 'extremism.' Then, we need to decide what concepts we are going to use together as a diverse SRHR community--what is most acceptable and strategic for us?
We hope this information will contribute to the ongoing efforts to address complex gender issues on SRHR in Africa.
PRETORIA, South Africa -- UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund for East and Southern region is organizing a three-day "Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Gender and Climate Change Resilience" symposium to be held on 26-29 August 2019 at the Future Africa - University of Pretoria, South Africa.