SRHRSexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
SRHRSlow Reversal-Hold-Relax (therapy)
SRHRScience and Reason in Hampton Roads
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Professional knowledge of service delivery, gathered systematically, but learned through the daily challenges that programmers struggle with, provides another set of evidence important for improving feasibility and implementation of SRHR interventions.
Stakeholders--including government, donors, private sector, civil society--to recognize and support this network in reaching out to young people in the area of SRHR and HIV/AIDS to ensure an effective youth-adult partnership.
Once women workers are in the country of employment, labour and immigration policies further curtail their SRHR.
Despite the good intentions at Cairo, the money to improve SRHR has not been forthcoming.
Instead of integrating HIV/AIDS within the SRHR framework, it has been programmed vertically.
This vision will be promoted through 11 chapters, which among others include the promotion of European youths' right for substantial participation in decision-making when it comes to SRHR, as well as gender equality and non-discrimination.
It is our utmost hope that these studies will hugely contribute to the ongoing advocacy efforts to address complex gender issues on SRHR.
As part of our commitment to action on this issue, ARROW suggested the idea of organising a symposium at the 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSH)2 on religious fundamentalisms and its impact on SRHR.
The event proved to be a timely and effective avenue for creating spaces for local NGOs in Indonesia to participate more effectively at regional and international venues of discourse on SRHR.
National Poverty Reduction Strategy 2003-2005, SRHR in Cambodia: A
4 List of international and regional conventions and agreements that the sub region is party to that are related to SRHR.
This paper will explore how SRHR and LGBT strategies address these dimensions of citizenship.