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SNARKSRI's (Stanford Research Institute's) New Automated Reasoning Kit (SRI International)
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And last, seeing SRI's current tactics not as a container/support, but as a tool, helps remind us that we'll need other equipment to do a big job.
The second venture will supply Goodyear brand tires to the replacement market through SRI's and Goodyear's distribution channels.
From Dura's perspective, access to SRI's extensive research capabilities and expertise will shorten our development time frame on the DPI and lower development costs.
BIOSYM is providing software for use in SRI's research in rational drug design, synthetic polymers, catalysis, and organometallics.
SRI is proud to work with Cafe Scientifique Silicon Valley to promote public engagement on current topics in science and technology," said Walter Moos, vice president of SRI's Biosciences Division.
The award recognizes SRI's commitment to promote information security and specifically, SRI's leadership in the development of the International Information Security Foundation (IISF).
Petersburg will provide a site for SRI's new 30,000- to 35,000-square foot facility, and will design and construct the facility at the Port of St.
Artificial intelligence: Since its founding in 1966 (when the field was in its infancy), SRI's renowned Artificial Intelligence Center has made major contributions to the development and advancement of computational principles underlying machine intelligence.
a Florida-based developer of interactive educational software, has licensed SRI's EduSpeak(R) speech recognition system.
Ozone research: SRI's experimental investigations of chemical reactions on nitric acid and water ice particles helped explain the Antarctic ozone hole and were recognized by the AAAS Newcomb-Cleveland Prize for 1987.
Carlson and learn how SRI's culture supports research and innovations that have created new industries and transformed lives around the world.
Kodukula will establish new programs and expand business opportunities, working closely with SRI's Center of Excellence in Infectious Disease and Biodefense and Center of Excellence in Computational Biology.