SRIBSabah Rubber Industry Board (Malaysia)
SRIBSpectral Reflectance Imaging Biosensor (spectroscopy)
SRIBSociété Régionale d'Investissement Bruxelloise
SRIBStrike Route Information Book
SRIBStreet Racing Is Bad
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The conference will play host to experts from a cross-section of the industry and Chinese government departments including Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development of the People's Republic of China (MOHURD), SRIBS and BRE; offering delegates an unparalleled opportunity to network, impart best practice and debate with the most respected leaders in the field.
On day two, experts from BRE, SCRIBS and MOHURD will unveil their strategies and progress for China, with a series of in-depth presentations from Orivaldo Barros, Senior Consultant, BRE; Jinguang Li, Director - Environment of Research, SRIBS; Jihong Han, Professoriate Senior Engineers, and Executive Director of Green Building Engineering Research Centre, MOHURD; Alison Nichol, Programme ManagerMBE KTN, BRE and, Jianrong Yang, Deputy Directory, SRIBS among others.
Dags should read gdags: its pairing with sribs indicates that it refers not to the place name of Dags-po / Dags-yul, but, as Stein ("Du recit au rituel," 510-11) pointed out, to the sunny, or male principle (Chinese [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.