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SRIMStructural Reaction Injection Molding
SRIMStopping and Range of Ions in Matter
SRIMSimulated Radar Image
SRIMSystem Realization using Information Matrix
SRIMSimulated Radar Image Modeling
SRIMStockroom and Readiness Inventory Management (DMLSS)
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2] as a blowing agent into PUR foams; and FipurTec technology, which eliminates the need for fiberglass mat in SRIM systems.
The SRIM process is still under development, and various schemes of molds with different geometry, positions of gates, and packages of reinforcing mats are being tested.
Additional advantages of SRIM compared to RRIM are: (a) SRIM can easily exceed the maximum content of reinforcing materials for RRIM (less than 25 wt%) because there is no need to pump reinforcing materials into the mold; glass fiber loadings of over 60 wt% in the SRIM have been reported by Gonzalez et al.
In the SRIM process, the reaction system starts at a low viscosity.
Focal Project 2 was initiated in 1993 with the goal of demonstrating the manufacture of a large SRIM part, at a volume of 50,000 per year, that would have a 25% mass reduction over steel and be cost competitive to a comparable steel part.
Aoyagi, "Filling Process Simulation in The mold for RTM and SRIM," Center Composite Materials Rep.
UBT and Quadro Foamat (QFM) for continuous slab stock production of flexible foam; NovaFlex system, which introduces CO2 as a blowing agent into PUR foams; and FipurTec technology, which eliminates the need for fiberglass mat in SRIM systems.
Metering unit series: InrerWet SRIM Features: Chops glass or other fibers at the mixhead; wets fibers with foam mix-inside mixhead; robotic traversing mechanism dispenses foam mix into an open mold.
SRIM was a winner of the Transportation Award for the GMT-800 composite pick-up truck box.
The Newton plant also is working on some important advanced SRIM structural products.
Turnkey systems include Inter Wet technology for coinjection of fiberglass reinforcement or fillers in the mixhead; CannOxide for the production of liquid carbon-dioxide-blown molded foams; CarDio for liquid-carbon-dioxide blown slabstock foams; Duotec for low-density SRIM and RRIM door panels; Zero-Time Change fixtures, drum units.
The weight-cutting SRIM cargo box offers long-term durability, low maintenance costs, including freedom from rust and dents, and excellent hot-temperature and cold-temperature stability.