SRIRSuper-Resolution Image Reconstruction (computer algorithm)
SRIRSynchrotron Radiation Infrared
SRIRStrategic Research Investment Reserve
SRIRScientific Research Institutes of Radiophysics
SRIRSociety for Rural Industrialisation, Ranchi (India)
SRIRScientific Research Investigations Report
SRIRSignificant Resource Impact Report
SRIRSpecial Risk Insurance and Reinsurance Luxembourg SA
SRIRSukamandi Research Institute of Rice
SRIRShort Range Infrared
SRIRSalt River Indian Reservation
SRIRSystem Requirements and Interface Review
SRIRState Research Institute of Restoration (Moscow)
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The SRIR aim to compensate the shareholders for the decrease in the value of the shares held by those shareholders.
In frequency-domain algorithms, images are transformed onto frequency domain and SRIR is carried in frequency domain.
The Principle of SRIR Based on the Surveying Adjustment
To limit its risk accumulation and control its exposure, SRIR will adhere to a policy in which anyone seeking coverage within a 600 meter radius of another property covered by SRIR will be limited to a policy of 275 million euro.
SRIR hopes to complement the available terrorism insurance in the market and does not mean to replace needed state-sponsored alternatives.
(SRIR), to provide limited terror coverage in Europe for physical loss or damage to insured properties.