SRISSociety of Rubber Industry
SRISSeparate Refclk Independent Ssc (architecture)
SRISSlippery Road Information System (Sweden)
SRISScience Reference and Information Service (British Library)
SRISShanghai Rego International School (China; est. 2003)
SRISSouthern Retail Inventory Service, Inc. (Tennessee)
SRISSocietas Rosicruciana In Scotia
SRISShip Registry Information System
SRISSunflower Road Internet Services, Inc.
SRISStandard Required Insurance Scheme (UK)
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No obstante, ni las guias nutricionales ni las iniciativas para enfrentar la sepsis, como "Surviving Sepsis Campaign", incluyen en sus protocolos un tratamiento estandar para el tracto intestinal, factor determinante tanto en el SRIS como en el pronostico de los pacientes en las unidades de cuidados intensivos (UCI) (12).
SRIS will leverage on the strengths of the three organisations viz.
Halabja is an excellent example of the SRIS role in the Islamization of Kurdish society, the assimilation of Kurdish Islam and the spread of radical and political Islam in Kurdistan.
Interleucina-6 (IL-6): si bien no induce por si sola las caracteristicas del SRIS, es un marcador importante de inflamacion pues, a diferencia del TNF-[alfa], su concentracion plasmatica se mantiene alta en el tiempo (29).
More specifically, the participants in each experiment were categorized into a high-score group and a low-score group based on each of the three SRIS subscale scores.
La presencia de criterios de SRIS supone la presencia de un estado de gravedad progresivo, a mas criterios positivos presentes, mayor es la gravedad y la mortalidad.
The SRIS 3503-1990 [34] nonresonance testing method was employed, in which the specimens were placed in the material testing system (MTS-810) and subjected to vibration at a frequency of 1 Hz and amplitude of 2 mm.
2] blowing technology for SRIS steering wheels, said to overcome the key draw-back - absence of skin formation - or conventional SRIS water-blown foams.
The high correlation between the GC/DC and Kalin and Tilby's (1978) SRIS establishes convergent validity but also raises a question: Do we need a new scale given this high correlation with the existing one?
Other SRIS that have been studied in controlled clinical trials include sertraline (Zoloft[R]) and fluvoxamine (Luvos[R]).
The iPEMS[TM] is a high performance, highly reliable, flexible and green display system that visualizes all data with intuitive SCADA graphics that can be shown on display walls through SRIS (Super Resolution Image Software), that supports 1,000 times XGA resolution image and is driven by Delta's novel DVCS[R] IP-based distributive vision control system.