SRLGShared Risk Link Group (items affected by the same failure)
SRLGShare-Risk Link Group
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Notice that in the SRLG context, the max flow - min cut relation (i.
The AND transformation corresponds to the natural interpretation of the colors as SRLGs: the failure of a single SRLG is sufficient to break a link.
network and ARPANET topologies are stars, and each edge is assigned a single SRLG.
Since some edges were not assigned a SRLG, we added 21 (resp.
1] - i, each SRLG corresponds to an adjacent subset of arcs (i.
Also, we first set the weight of each SRLG to one, and then, if E(c) = E(c'), we remove SRLG c' and increase the weight of c by one.
When no two SRLG disjoint paths exists between s and t, we compute the pair of paths minimizing the number of common SRLGs (see e.
Indeed, the 2-CDP problem is NP-Complete as soon as one SRLG has span > 1 (Theorem 3) or when all SRLGs are stars (Bermond et al.
IMSH: an iterative heuristic for SRLG diverse routing in WDM mesh networks.
Evolutionary algorithms refining a heuristic: Hyper-heuristic for shared-path protections in WDM networks under SRLG constraints.
More precisely, SRLGs are sets of links that may fail simultaneously if a given event (risk) occurs.
A link of the network may be broken by the failure of one of the SRLGs it belongs to.