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SRLP has also been supporting the Peshawar High Court on court automation, process serving and support to its P and D cell.
Trans people, particularly trans women of color, are targeted by police and profiled as sex workers (Lee, 2003; SRLP, 2007).
Prison staff and personnel police transfeminine peoples' expressions and performances of femininity, often denying them gender-appropriate clothing, makeup, and other items and forcing them to cut their hair and nails (Peek, 2004; SRLP, 2007).
The consideration is comprised of USD30m of SRLP units to be issued at closing, USD10m in cash paid at closing and the balance in cash, paid ratably over ten years.
The company says the deal is valued at $56 million in cash and SRLP units, plus payments for Castle's inventory as of closing.
Project, SRLP Announces Non-Support of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, (Apr.
The Third SRLP will improve 200 km of key regional and local road sections, which will provide better access to three major towns (Telavi, Samtredia and Tsalenjikha), 126 villages and around 45,600 households, totaling a population of around 138,000 inhabitants.
The stock is expected be traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SRLP, sometime during the next few months.
org/genda (announcing SLRP non-support of the Gender Employment Non-Discrimination Act); SRLP Opposes the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr.
The purchase price was a combined USD 56m in cash and SRLP units, plus payments for Castle's inventory as of closing.