SRMCShort Run Marginal Cost
SRMCSri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute (India)
SRMCSpirit Rock Meditation Center (Woodacre, CA)
SRMCScottish Rite Masonic Center (Nebraska)
SRMCSouthern Regional Medical Command (US Army)
SRMCSamaritan Regional Medical Center (Corvallis, OR)
SRMCStrike Rescue Mission Coordinator
SRMCState Radio Monitoring Center (China)
SRMCSoutheastern Regional Medical Center (North Carolina)
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LCSWMA has spent about $7 million on other changes at the SRMC, including upgrades to the physical plant and improvements to site aesthetics.
La curva de SRMC (costo marginal a corto plazo) se desplaza a la derecha a mayor capacidad instalada, y siempre se intercepta con la LRMC (costo marginal a largo plazo) desde abajo, como se muestra en el grafico no.
Much, therefore, depends on the extent and time period seats to which can be sold at prices above SRMC.
Through his interaction with SRMC, which initially took place entirely through social media, he extended the reach of his work and connected with other like-minded young change-makers worldwide.
In late 2011, SRMC will be moving into a new hospital, where Boys and Gorby see the scheduling and staffing solution being utilized by other departments and facilities within CMHP after completion of the move.
The study was approved by institutional review boards at HSPH, University of Michigan School of Public Health, SRMC, and the Indian Council for Medical Research (New Delhi, India) and complied with all federal U.
During the course of our work with SRMC, we developed an interior finish master plan for them, and we followed the master plan finishes throughout the hospital as our baseline theme.
Our insider said Little Rock's Baptist Health was in a line of would-be buyers who have assessed the SRMC properties and generally kicked the tires without committing to a deal.
Testimony and documentation showed that the entire SRMC security staff under Shep-Goodman had more than twice the amount of training required by the state for armed security.
The SRMC suites employ the latest medical technology, placing The Birthplace on the cutting-edge of the future of healthcare.
As part of the contract, CETECOM will be delivering BITE RF and protocol conformance testers and providing full training and technical support to help the SRMC become an officially recognized BQTF (Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility), the first in Mainland China.
SRMC is a professional organization of independent risk management and employee benefit consultants dedicated to the advancement of their profession for the benefit of the membership, their clients and the public through research, education, information exchange and the promotion of professional standards.