SRMRStandardized Root Mean Square Residual (structural equation modeling)
SRMRShark Reef Marine Reserve
SRMRSingle-Request/Multiple-Response (electronic messaging)
SRMRSecurity Risk Management Review
SRMRSecurity Requirements Management Review
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First, with regard to model fit, the RMSEA and SRMR both pointed toward a close-fitting model, whereas the CFI and TLI did not (<0.
For SRMR, Hu and Bentler (1999) have reported a standard 'rule-of-thumb' of less than .
El AFC realizado revelo que el CM-EVS no mostro buenos indices de ajuste: %2 (84, N = 656) = 762,64, p< 0,01; x2/gl = 9,08; CFI = 0,88; TLI = 0,85; IFI = 0,88; RMSEA = 0,097 (IC 90% = 0,091-0,103); SRMR = 0,097.
As can be seen in Table 2, both the one- and two-factor correlated error models had improved model fit over the previous models considered, with values of RMSEA and SRMR falling within the recommended criteria for good fit, and CFI falling within the criteria of acceptable fit.
It was found that, GSE, SA, INTC, AM, PS measurement model meets all the goodness-of-fit indices, except AM5s RMSEA is slightly higher than threshold value, although SRMR is within the threshold value.
However, RMSEA and SRMR presented high levels of residuals (see Table 2).
Considering the theoretical ground of the PANAS schedule, the correlation between PA and NA latent variables, and the cut-off values in RMSEA, SRMR, CFI and NNFI, we identified model 2c as the best fitting model.
24 Model Prediction of intention to improve oral health behaviors NFI RMSEA SRMR Toothbrushing frequency 0.
The SRMR statistic provides the average difference between the sample and the predicted correlation matrices and thus is not susceptible to non-normality (Byrne, 2006).
The first estimation results showed satisfactory fit indices, except SRMR ([chi square] = 347.
Para testar el ajuste entre el modelo teorico planteado y la matriz de datos recogida se utilizaron diferentes indices: [ji al cuadrado]/gl (Chi-Square / degrees of freedom), CFI (Comparative Fit Index), IFI (Incremental Fit Index), TLI (Tucker Lewis Index), RMSEA (Root Mean Square Error of Approximation) y SRMR (Standardized Root Mean Residual).