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SRMSService Request Management System (software)
SRMSSocial Research Methods and Statistics (UK)
SRMSShuttle Remote Manipulator System
SRMSSam Rayburn Middle School (Texas)
SRMSSchool Records Management System
SRMSSir Roger Manwood's School (UK)
SRMSSparrow Regional Medical Supply (Michigan)
SRMSSecurity and Risk Management Strategies
SRMSStatistical Rate Monotonic Scheduling
SRMSSanta Rosa Middle School
SRMSSnake River Montessori School (Idaho Falls, ID)
SRMSStakeholder Relationship Management System
SRMSStemmers Run Middle School
SRMSSustainment Readiness Management System
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Thus, the community's collective ability to perform the most routine of XRPD analyses, the qualitative analysis, has been greatly enhanced over the past [approximately equal to] 30 years by these most basic methods and the use of SRMs.
Codification tools such as the SRMS automate tasks and replace manual processes.
This paper considers three different types of two-phase SRMs with the main dimensions of the motors such as outer diameters, number of turns and areas of stator poles faces involved in torque production to be equal for analysis and performance comparison.
However, none of them focused on patients with SRMs. Additionally, only one study authored by Komai et al.
SRMs are the "gold standard" of analytical chemistry, says Wayne R.
If they did not have NIST SRMs, their sulfur measurements would have a wider margin of error.
He said that removing specific risk materials (SRMs) from the human food and animal feed chains remained the single most effective measure to combat BSE and protect public health.
For the past year, storage resource management (SRM), a subset of storage management, has provided the IT department with the technology to keep its storage area network and other servers lean, clean and readily available, with no slumps in performance.
If so, it may be possible to treat women who suffer from SRMs.
* the product known as "mechanically separated beef," which may contain SRMs (meat obtained by Advanced Meat Recovery, an automated system for cutting meat from bones, may be used since USDA regulations do not allow the presence of SRMs in this product).