SRMSESquare Root of the Mean Square Error
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As shown in Table 1, the high overall mean R2 and low overall mean SRMSE and RRMSE indicate good consistency between the CC, SAD, and TDL algorithms for both large and small template blocks.
Abbreviations: BMA = block-matching algorithm, CC = cross-correlation, DOF = degree of freedom, EMG = electromyography, MK = myokinemetric, MMG = mechanomyogram, RRMSE = relative root-mean-square error, SAD = sum of absolute difference, SD = standard deviation, SEMG = surface electromyography, SIMD = single-instruction multiple-data, SMG = sonomyography, SRMSE = standard root-mean-square error, SSE = streaming SIMD extensions, TDL = two-dimensional logarithmic search.