SRNLSavannah River National Laboratory
SRNLSouthern Range Nyanza, Ltd. (Uganda)
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To help provide the decommissioning team with a sense of space inside the reactors, the SRNL team created 3D CAD models and 3D printed models of the building structures and key equipment.
I always enjoyed discussing our latest collaboration with him, and his energy and drive will be greatly missed.--David Werth, atmospheric scientist, SRNL
The SRNL contracted Grasley to run these experiments because of his state-of-the-art permeability testing method.
Parallel to running the experiments, SRNL performed comparable CFD models for both the pilot-scale and full-scale tanks, using the Fluent CFD code from Ansys of Canonsburg, Pa.
SCAS would like to thank the support extended by the SRNL for this year's meeting and to Dr.
The SRNL team, supported by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, has developed a novel closed cycle for producing aluminum hydride (AlH3), also known as alane, that potentially offers a cost-effective method of regenerating the hydrogen storing material in a way that allows it to repeatedly release and recharge its hydrogen.
Collaboration with the SRNL has resulted in the design and construction of bench-top containment units that allow safe handling of radioactively contaminated evidence and permit performing several traditional forensic examinations while the evidence is safely contained.
According to the The State, SRNL announced that it had signed a three-year agreement with a "major U.S.
According to Valence, SRNL is using standard and customized K-Charge power systems.
At SRNL, Allen performed wide-ranging research on mesoscale atmospheric transport and dispersion, atmospheric boundary layer turbulence, a wind climatology of the South Atlantic Bight, dense gas dispersion, effluent stack design, and emission of effluents into the atmosphere.