SRNPSanta Rosa National Park (Costa Rica)
SRNPSlovensky Raj National Park (Slovakia)
SRNPStirling Range National Park (Australia)
SRNPSnowy River National Park (Australia)
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Camera-trap data collection: Cameratrap data were collected from 87 locations inside the CNP between 2003-2015, and from 61 locations inside the SRNP between 2005-2015.
A total of 5 506 photographic records (including animals and people) were collected at SRNP and 5 075 at CNP (Digital Appendix 1 and Digital Appendix 2).
Alternatively, the higher temperatures observed in the SRNP could exert an influence on the activity of felids.
Philosophy, navigation and use of a dynamic database ("ACG Caterpillars SRNP") for an inventory of the macrocaterpillar fauna, and its food plants and parasitoids, of the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste (ACG), northwestern Costa Rica.