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SRNSSavannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC
SRNSSteroid-Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome (kidney disorder)
SRNSServing Radio Network Subsystem
SRNSSchool Register of Needs Survey (South Africa)
SRNSServing Radio Network Subsystem (GPRS)
SRNSSteroid Responsive Nephrotic Syndrome
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The lack of LAMB2 mutations in our FSGS cohort, in patients from the UK Renal Registry [3] and in Saudi Arabian SRNS children [10] fully justifies removal of laminin-[beta]2 genetic analysis from the algorithm introduced by Santin et al.
In conclusion, our results indicate possible clustering of causative NPHS2 mutations in FSGS-proven SRNS with onset in the first year of life, and provide additional evidence that children with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome due to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, in whom NS occurs before the age of 13 years, should first undergo analysis of the NPHS2 coding sequence and the WT1 gene, especially focused on exons 8 and 9 and the surrounding exon/intron boundary DNA sequences, followed by, in cases with WT1 KTS intronic splice site variants, genotyping for gender.
SRNS is the management and operations contractor for the Savannah River Site located in Aiken, South Carolina.
Faced with the growing challenge of addressing legacy infrastructure issues and process equipment deterioration, SRNS employees worked together to find the solution of relocating the station to the former K Area structure.
This innovative solution to the H Area Operations Station increased system and equipment reliability, operator response time, and helped make the H Area Operations Station facility a better place to work, SRNS Site Services Director Geoff Reynolds said.