SROCSummary Receiver Operating Characteristic
SROCSouthern Research and Outreach Center (University of Minnesota; Waseca, MN)
SROCSports Rights Owners Coalition
SROCSenior Readiness Oversight Council
SROCSmoothed Rate of Change
SROCSouth Ribble Orienteering Club (UK)
SROCSculptor Output Controller (Cisco)
SROCSaginaw Radiation Oncology Center (Michigan)
SROCSpontaneous Return of Circulation (Lazarus syndrome)
SROCShadow Riders Owners Club (motorcycles)
SROCSouthern Region Operational Center, United States Southern Command (US DoD)
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Accordingly, a higher SROC value was anticipated to indicate a breakup period.
The SROC has also called for a combination of increased regulation by SGBs through tough disciplinary codes and monitoring and educational programmes, as well as increased self-regulation by betting operators and government financial assistance to SGBs to help finance anti-corruption reforms.
Methods described below and downloadable software (11) are now available to interpolate by regression an SROC curve that is now smooth, rather than stepped (Figure 2).
David Collier, chief executive of the England and Wales Cricket Board and a leading SROC supporter, argues that bookies presently get something for nothing.
Correlation of sensitivity and specificity for the anterior drawer test was positive (6 studies); thus, no SROC curve was estimated.
Within the framework of the Field Day, the Fair of Varieties and Hybrids of Field Cultures, the Shatilov SROC underwent cervical tables, examined demonstration crops of ecological testing of varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops, familiarized with the exhibition of modern agrotechnologies and machines, and plant protection products.
Actually, SROC members are looking to national governments and international treaty organisations such as European Union, WTO and WIPO in order to:
However, while Coward steps out of the immediate firing line, the spotlight for potential controversy will fall on his successor as SROC chairman, barrister Nick Bitel, who also has strong racing connections.
The SROC curve analysis was based on a regression analysis of logit transformation of the data that plots the difference between the logit of the true-positive rate (TPR) and the logit of the false-positive rate [(FPR); D = logit TPR - logit FPR] on the y axis and the sum (S = logit TPR + logit FPR) on the x axis (8).