SROCSummary Receiver Operating Characteristic
SROCSouthern Research and Outreach Center (University of Minnesota; Waseca, MN)
SROCSports Rights Owners Coalition
SROCSenior Readiness Oversight Council
SROCSmoothed Rate of Change
SROCSouth Ribble Orienteering Club (UK)
SROCSculptor Output Controller (Cisco)
SROCSaginaw Radiation Oncology Center (Michigan)
SROCSpontaneous Return of Circulation (Lazarus syndrome)
SROCShadow Riders Owners Club (motorcycles)
SROCSouthern Region Operational Center, United States Southern Command (US DoD)
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The SROC curves (Figure 1) indicate lime discriminative power of those meniscal tests.
The method used in this meta-analysis employs a logistic transformation of sensitivity and specificity so that an SROC curve can be fitted with linear regression.[62] A correction factor of 0.5 was added to the data to allow for zero counts in the logistic transformation.
SROC, which describes itself as "an informal group of representatives of international and national sports bodies with a particular focus on rights issues", has been consistently rebuffed by the betting industry over the issue.
SROC argues that it is necessary to introduce this right so that the revenues generated in return for the grant of the right to bookmakers may be invested in improving the protection of the integrity of events.
Data necessary to determine diagnostic indices [i.e., data sufficient to determine the TPR (sensitivity) and FPR (1--specificity) needed for SROC curve analysis] were reported for only 8 markers (9-17).
On a website that makes no mention of officers, other than an untitled contact called Oliver Weingarten, SROC describes itself as "an informal group of representatives of international and national sports bodies with a particular focus on rights issues".
Members of SROC are on the agenda at NSA Leadership Networking Conferences to distribute published material and discuss the ways SROC can assist ASOs and members.
The Sports Rights Owners Coalition (SROC), established in 2005, represents over 40 organisations from across the sporting spectrum, from tennis, rugby and football to golf, athletics and motor sport, as well as cricket, basketball and racing.
In November that year the England and Wales Cricket Board called for discussions over a levy on gambling to benefit grassroots sport, while Football Association chairman Lord Triesman told a parliamentary hearing: "I see no reason why the gambling industry should be able to make use of the football industry to make money but make no contribution of that revenue to football." In March it was reported that the Sports Rights Owners Coalition (SROC), a grouping that includes the FA, Premier League, Uefa, ECB and BHA, and of which BHA chief executive Nic Coward is chairman, was lobbying for a Europe-wide one per cent turnover levy on all sports bets.
The analysis was based on a summary ROC (SROC) curve (12,13).
We also purchased an online legislative service to monitor state legislatures and provide copies of bills to SROC and state affiliates, thereby expanding SROC's outreach ability to protect practice rights.