SROGSub-Regional Operating Group (Arizona)
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To ensure the pipe's structural integrity, SROG undertook a four-year, $180 million program to rehabilitate the entire interceptor.
Tshe thar srog blu byed rogs (Please liberate and ransom lives: VCD produced by Larung Buddhist Academy).
(2) The traditional ten Buddhist virtues proscribe the following non-virtues: killing (srog gcod pa), stealing (rku phrog byed pa), sexual misconduct ('dod log spyod pa), lying (rdzun tshig), slandering (phra ma), harsh speech (tshig rtsub), idle chatter (ngag 'khyal), covet ousness (brnab sems), malice (gnod sems), and wrong views (log lta).
(22) "The Cry of Humble Creatures" (Nyam chung srog chags kyi smre sngags) on Rigs zhen gyi 'bod pa 2007.
(11) 'bri gnyis go rar btsud pa mthong bas pha ma bsod du cha ba'i sdug bsngal byung/ de gnyis srog bslu'i brda sbyang bas dngul srang brgyad kyi gong btab/ sde pa'ang snang 'gyur nas 'bri gcig bslu ba mdzad/sems can thams cad kyi srog skyob pa'i nus payod na snyam pa snying thag pa nas skyes/
(14) sems can gyi srog gcod pa mthong zhing thos pa'am/ khyi rab sogs kyi byed spoyodyid la dran pa tsam nas rangyang shin ti sdug bsngal zhing/ sems can di dag sdug bsngal di las da lta nyid du thar na snyam pa dang/ 'di thams cad kyi srog bskyab pa'i gnyer khang la yod na snyam pa dang/ sems can gsod pa'i nam zla shar ba tsam nas rnams pa kun tu gnas skabs 'di na mi bzad pa'i las 'di lta bu zhigyod 'ong snyam nas snying rje'i blo bcos min du skye ba 'di da lta'i bar du yod pas tshad med bzhi'i blo sbyong gi tshig tsam 'bum ther gsog pa bo las bcos min gyi snying rje shugs drag skye ba 'di don gyi chod che bar 'gyur grang snyams pa 'di bdag gi rnam thar bzang shos yin/
But we find this to be a delusion; that cross is none other than the central axis of the chorten (called in technical language srog sin) on which is fixed transversely a stick which serves as a framework for that symbolic ornament with which every chorten must be finished off at the top: that is to say the half-moon and the solar disk, made usually of stucco which therefore must have a support.