SROISocial Return on Investment
SROISubsequent Report of Injury
SROIStudent Rating of Instruction
SROISpill Recovery of Indiana
SROISeniorenregeling Onderzoekinstellingen
SROISupermarket Recycling Organics Initiative
SROISecurity Return On Investment
SROISchool Reserve Officieren Infanterie (Netherlands)
SROISymphonic-Romantic Organ Institute
SROISummary Report of Investigation
SROISpatial Region of Interest
SROISpiritual Return On Investment
SROISimple Return on Investment
SROISpontaneous Reduction of Intussusception
SROIStreet Rods of Idaho
SROISociété Radiophonique del'Océan Indien
SROISales Return on Investment
SROISmart Region of Interest
SROISupplemental Report of Injury
SROISubregions of Interest
SROISustainable Return on Investment
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The SROI framework can be used retrospectively to measure and account for the value of outcomes that have already happened (evaluative) or be used to prospectively predict how much value will be created if an intervention meets its intended outcomes (forecast).
The results showed that the SROI for the "SAVE JAPAN Project" improved from FY2011 to FY2013, with FY2013's SROI reaches to 1.
A pesar de que el SROI ofrece una mayor capacidad explicativa que los indices y metricas que utilizan las empresas y organizaciones que conducen proyectos de desarrollo, su empleo en proyectos de RS se halla poco explorado.
The quantity of unique SROI information is assessed for 118 students (of which one student failed to respond to two items) in five sections of an introductory business statistics course taught by a single instructor over two semesters.
Consistent with the social profit conceptual framework, the SROI equation would be:
She was granted a Fellowship by the Muttart Foundation to study the use of the SROI Analysis tool.
SROI is a concept developed to account for both traditional financial value created by an enterprise and the social value.
Users can look at the series of transmissions for every claim, including every FROI and SROI, to record complete histories.
Nevertheless, does SROI encourage actions that are likely to result in long-term value added to your company?
SROI measures the blended economic and social value created by social ventures (Emerson & Bonini, 2003) using a modified version of the classic ROI model.
innovative leader in workers' 134 Commerce Drive compensation EDI compliance, Clarksville, VA 23927 specializes in FROI, SROI, and www.
The Charles & Agnes Kazarian Foundation is currently assessing prospective new partners for 2011 Knowledge Partnerships in three areas: job creation projects and SROI analyses; government policies and programs to identify and cultivate innovative, high impact leaders; and university admissions infrastructure to identify and cultivate innovative, high impact leaders.