SROLStichting Regionaal Onderwijsbureau Limburg (Dutch: Limburg Regional Education Foundation; Limburg, Netherlands)
SROLSozialberatung Region Oberer Leberberg (German: Social Region Upper Leberberg; Grenchen, Switzerland)
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Not only SROL, even the Northern, Western, and Central Regional office laboratories are facing shortage of samples.
The Srol family showed me a deliciously fragrant Viognier and Jacky came up with his own version as well as a terrific dry Pinot Gris.
WINE OF THE WEEK Robert Srol, Ctes Roannaise, Vieilles Vignes 2011 pounds 7.95 (special offer) The Wine Society A perfect reason to join the Wine Society, this deliciously summery red has a heady aroma of fresh cherries, juicy acidity and bags of crunchy red fruit.
WELCOMING Husband-and-wife team Odile Verger and Jacky Logel IMPRESSIVE Independent grower Robert Srol's vineyards in the Ctes Roannaise INVESTED HEAVILY Robert and his son Stphane own around 25 hectares of vineyards
brgyad/ 'og gi btsan gsum ste rgyal rabs nyi shu rtsa bdun pa lha tho tho ri (1) snyan bshal gyi dus su/ dam pa'i chos kyi dbu brnyes/ 'phags pa rigs gsum mgon po'i rnam 'phrul chos rgyal mes dbon rnam (2) gsum gyi sku dus su/ dam pa'i chos kyi srol gtod cing dar smin rgyas gsum mdzad/ bstan phyi dar dus su lha bla ma ye shes 'od kyis (3) /jo bo dipam ka ra shri jnya na spyan drangs/ mnga' bdag
gus shing bsnyen bkur zab/ yab mes gong ma'i bka' srol bzang po bskyangs pas (5) mnga' ris dar zhing rgyas/
He calls this "a foolish custom, wicked and vile" (blun po'i srol ngan tha chad pa), which poses a "grave threat" ('gal rkyen shin tu chen po) to Tibetan society.
Gser ljongs bla ma rung gis gtan la phab pa'i dge bcu'i lugs srol
Tshad ma'i byung tshul see Shakya mchog ldan, Tshad ma'i mdo dang bstan bcos kyi shing rta'i srol rnams ji ltar byung ba'i tshul gtam bya ba nyin mor byed pa'i snang bas dpyod ldan mtha' dag dga' bar byed pa
bla chos dang rang bzo'i nyes pas nam yang ma gos par rang rang gi srol 'byed pa po'i pan grub rnams kyi dgongs pa la gtugs shing de yang rgyal ba'i bka' dang legs par gtugs te ...; translation of Lopez 1987: 269.
When the Dalai Lama introduced the constitution in his 10th March statement (gsung 'phrin) in 1963, (8) he told the Tibetan public that the constitution neither contradicted "the teachings of the Buddha" (ston pa thugs rje can gyi bka') nor the "Tibetan's own good habits and customs that have flourished since the early Buddhist kings of Tibet" (bod rje chos rgyal gong dus nas dar ba'i rang re'i goms srol bzang po).
Shing rta'i srol 'byed bshad mdo 'grel tshul sogs sher phyin 'chad pa'i sngon 'gro.