SROMSelf Range of Motion
SROMStandard Range of Motion (joints)
SROMSlow Release Oral Morphine (opiod addiction treatment)
SROMSpontaneous Rupture of Membranes (medical)
SROMSolid Rock Outdoor Ministries (Laramie, WY)
SROMSquare Root of Margaret (band)
SROMSerial Read-Only Memory
SROMSatan's Revenge on Mankind (band)
SROMSegmental Range of Motion
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The ObGyn ordered low-dose oxytocin to augment labor in light of her SROM. Oxytocin was started at 9:46 am and labor was uneventful until 1:20 pm when fetal heart monitoring showed deceleration of the baby's heart rate.
The purpose was to investigate the effects of different agonist and antagonist stretching arrangements of hip flexors and extensors on hip SROM and DROM in trained male subjects.
Owing to the clinical nature of the investigation, we also sought to explore results of the LBP subjects only on a single-subject statistical basis using the Model Statistic technique (1,3,5) for SA, sROM and cROM to determine the potential systemic kinetic changes or low back kinematic changes.
Peak hour into-city trains on the two lines increased to 12 Srom yesterday and off-peak service have been doubled so that they run half-hourly.
Holub and Srom [14] used GPU-accelerated DXT in low-latency network transmissions of HD, 2K, and 4K video in 2013.
The physician writes the admission (and only predelivery) note: "32 yr old G4P3, term, SROM, good FHTs, good progress, complete, 1+ station, clear fluid.