SRPGSimulation Role Playing Game
SRPGStrategy Role Playing Game
SRPGSummer Research Program in Genomics (Broad Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard; Cambridge, MA)
SRPGScripps Ranch Planning Group (San Diego, CA)
SRPGSimple Role Playing Game
SRPGSouthern Region Promontional Group (Australian cattle breeding)
SRPGStacksteads Riverside Park Group (UK)
SRPGSoil Rating for Plant Growth (botany)
SRPGSmallpox Response Plan and Guidelines (US CDC)
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This indicated the opening of Atlantica, as well as the opening of a new page of SRPG in China.
Those who have yet to sample the delights of a SRPG are advised to start their quest elsewhere, as Soul Nomad's complex tactics, lack of explanations and bland visuals could put people off the genre in general.
But whether you decide to start the journey in the first place will rely largely on already having a penchant for SRPGs.