SRPPShunt Regulated Push-Pull (electronics)
SRPPSprint Retirement Pension Plan
SRPPSouthern Rivers Palaeolithic Project (UK)
SRPPState Regional Power Plant (Russia)
SRPPSector Reform Pilot Project (India)
SRPPStrategic Regional Policy Plan (regional land use plan required by Florida's Growth Management Laws)
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The SRPP for the tests was supplied by NetComposites, and the PP was a medium viscosity grade from Basell.
The financial trends of SRP and its two regulated utilities, NPC and SRPP, remain positive, and recent Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) decisions have been constructive.
Once adopted by the Council, the SRPP will be adopted by administrative rule and used to guide the region's progress in numerous issue areas.
The draft SRPP and other materials are available on the Council website (http://www.