SRPPShunt Regulated Push-Pull (electronics)
SRPPSprint Retirement Pension Plan
SRPPSouthern Rivers Palaeolithic Project (UK)
SRPPState Regional Power Plant (Russia)
SRPPSector Reform Pilot Project (India)
SRPPStrategic Regional Policy Plan (regional land use plan required by Florida's Growth Management Laws)
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H2O conductance and transpiration rate: H2O conductance showed no significant difference between the non-irrigated plants grown in SRPP and DRPP at the heading and milk development stages; however H2O conductance of the flag leaves in SRPP were significantly lower than that in DRPP at the flag and maturity stages (P less than 0.
The transpiration rates of SRPP and DRPP showed similar trends to H2O conductance (Figure 3).
Non significant differences between DRPP and SRPP were observed in terms of Rd and LCP.
For SRPP the maximum photochemical efficiency of non-irrigated plants was significantly lower than that of irrigated plants by 16.
For SRPP the grain yield of the non-irrigated plants was significantly lower than that of irrigated plants by 18.
The photosynthetic rate and the maximum photochemical efficiency of irrigated plants exhibited no differences between DRPP and SRPP.
DRPP were consistently higher than that of SRPP at the milk development and maturity stages.
Houve um aumento energetico (kcal) bastante elevado ao longo do cultivo, promovendo elevacao percentual no SR de 219,72; 117,96; 58,67 e 33,61 para SRMP; SRPB; SRPP e SRCN, respectivamente (Tabelas V e VI).
ostreatus (%) (%) SRMP 39,68 [+ or -] 0,04 0,79 [+ or -] 0,02 SRPB 38,54 [+ or -] 0,13 0,66 [+ or -] ,02 SRPP 35,02 [+ or -] 0,11 0,63 [+ or -] 0,02 SRCN 38,98 [+ or -] 0,07 0,68 [+ or -] 0,02 Substrato residual do cultivo de C:N Solidos soluveis pH P.
The SRPP for the tests was supplied by NetComposites, and the PP was a medium viscosity grade from Basell.
The composite mouldings were successfully produced with the SRPP and PP substrate injected in sequence, and components were subsequently tested in context of tensile properties.
296) Re SRPP (2000) 62 ALD 758; Rataplan (2004) 56 ATR 407; R v Rigney-Hopkins (2005) 154 A Crim R 433; Amaca Pty Ltd v Frost [2006] NSWCA 173 (Unreported, Spigelman CJ, Santow and McColl JJA, 4 July 2006).