SRPPStrategic Regional Policy Plan (regional land use plan required by Florida's Growth Management Laws)
SRPPShunt Regulated Push-Pull (electronics)
SRPPState Regional Power Plant (Russia)
SRPPSector Reform Pilot Project (India)
SRPPSprint Retirement Pension Plan
SRPPSouthern Rivers Palaeolithic Project (UK)
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Experimental design: A split-plot design was prepared using the two planting patterns (SRPP and DRPP; Figure 1).
The project objective was to assess the practicability of introducing SRPP into an injection-moulding machine and over-moulding the composite with PP melt to produce novel composite components.
(296) Re SRPP (2000) 62 ALD 758; Rataplan (2004) 56 ATR 407; R v Rigney-Hopkins (2005) 154 A Crim R 433; Amaca Pty Ltd v Frost [2006] NSWCA 173 (Unreported, Spigelman CJ, Santow and McColl JJA, 4 July 2006).
The engineers have now overcome those problems and perfected techniques allowing car-makers to mass-produce parts using SrPP.
The engineers have now overcome those problems and have perfected special techniques that will allow car makers and others to mass-produce parts using SrPP.
However, at least one protein, TKSSRPP, crossreacts with the Hev3b monoclonal to Hevea SRPP (Hev B3) (D.K.
Another technology uses self-reinforcing polypropylene (SrPP), which is created by "heating and weaving polypropylene fibers to stretch and align their molecular chains" (Sawyer 2008).