SRPRBSignal Recognition Particle Receptor B
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Our other observed differentially methylated CpGs reside in USP43, SRPRB, GNB2L1; SNORD96A, and a Th2 cytokine gene, P4HA2.
Manhattan plot for [PM.sub.10]: Six CpGs were considered statistically significant using FDR correction (red squares): cg15082635 in GNB2L1;SNORD96A, cg20340716 in USP43, cg00905156 in FAM13A, cg24127244 in SRPRB, cg06849931 in NOTCH4, and cg18640183 in P4HA2.
The fourteen DEGs identified by our analysis (SKIV2L2: Hs00299011_ml, SRPRB: Hs00253639_ml, JUNB: Hs00357891_sl, BNIP3: Hs00969291_ml, RAB22A: Hs00221082_ml, TMED2: Hs00607277_ml, ACAT1: Hs00608002_ ml, NDUFV2: Hs00221478_ml, LBR: Hs01032700_ml, NCL: Hs01066668_ml, AAAS: Hs00210351_ml, ATXN2: Hs00268077_ml, LGMN: Hs00271599_ml, and CDKN1B: Hs00153277_ml) were also analyzed and validated by realtime quantitative PCR.