SRPSShort Rib-Polydactyly Syndrome
SRPSState Retirement and Pension System
SRPSSynchrotron Radiation Photoelectron Spectroscopy (also seen as SRPES)
SRPSSpace Reactor Power Supply
SRPSSeybold Report on Publishing Systems (newsletter)
SRPSShaw River Power Station (Australia)
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The SRPS contains two subscales: 15 items measuring Relationship Control (RC) and eight indicators of Decision-Making Dominance (DMD).
2000), women were also divided into tertiles according to their scores on the SRPS scale.
Initial analyses at the bivariate level indicated that the overall SRPS measure of Relationship Power, which combines the domains of Relationship Control and Decision- Making Dominance, was significantly associated with two of the five risk behaviors.
However, the author conjectures that there are more prime SRPS numbers, but probably not infinitely many.
has a digital sum of 32, and 1150653920/32 = 35957935: The author conjectures that there are infinitely many SRPS Harshad numbers.
Measuring relationship power: adaptation of the SRPS for South Africa.
In a city with soaring youth violence and over 50 percent of the children being overweight or at high risk of becoming overweight, SRPS provides a safe, active after-school activity led by caring, committed adults.
The sponsorship of the SRPS athletes to bring these young people to the Walt Disney World[R] Marathon Weekend is part of Cigna's commitment to child wellness as one of the key focus areas of Cigna's newly revised corporate responsibility program, Cigna Connects.
Ability to generate profit from operations, which is largely dependent upon reducing losses associated with SRPS.
The primary drivers behind the poor profitability are declining inpatient volumes and heightened expenses related to SRPS, which includes non-medical professional fees and supply costs.
nor SRPS supervises, makes recommendations with respect to, or takes responsibility for monitoring the advice provided to participants by GuidedChoice.
2 2006 results based on 263 plans using advice, 7,000 SRPS participants using advice for greater than 1 year.