SRRDService Routing Redundancy Daemon (computer networking)
SRRDStockholm Research Reports in Demography (Stockholm, Sweden)
SRRDSarcoidosis Regional Resource Directory
SRRDShipment Report of Raw Data
SRRDSleep-Related Respiratory Disorder (psychiatry and neuroscience)
SRRDSurgical Removal of Residual Disease (cancer)
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The zero pressure SRRD offers the following: Higher line speed/increased output; controlled thickness through roll speed adjustment; reduced extrusion temperatures due to low extruder head pressures; simple die plates and comparable die changeover time; and adaptability to hot and cold feed extruder systems.
The SRRD also offers the versatility of the extruder and head with its variety of shapes and profiles that can be produced with low tooling cost.
- Profile shapes for most products can be handled using the SRRD system; and