SRRSSocial Readjustment Rating Scale (psychological assessment test)
SRRSShort Range Radar Station
SRRSSouthern Regional Racing Series (US)
SRRSSecurity Readiness Review Scripts
SRRSSystems Record Retention System (AFOS)
SRRSSouth River Rescue Squad (New Jersey)
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An analysis of missing data was conducted for the overall SRRS and for the 27 items used to measure coping, beliefs, and support in the EFA and to answer the study's research question.
During the interview, the participants answered the questionnaire, the BDI, WCQ and SRRS forms.
1994) los 43 eventos vitales de la version en espanol del SRRS ya habian sido ordenados de acuerdo con su grado de severidad, de cada cuartil se selecciono al azar un suceso vital.
The purpose of the present study was to translate-retranslate from English to Spanish the SRRS for elementary school children and obtain the LCU's for each event.
An analysis of SRRS results showed that 58% of the respondents experienced low stress, 35% were under medium stress, and 7% regularly felt highly stressed.
If the resident met all eligibility requirements, the RP was interviewed using the NEO and SRRS Scales.
In the SRRS, the number of occurrences of 43 life-changing events, such as the death of a spouse, marriage, pregnancy, and vacation, in the lives of the respondents during the previous year was noted.
Workshop leader emphasizes that the SRRS rates potentially stressful events in terms of life change units.
The interview was based on the information provided in FACES, SRRS, and MHS and on general information on the development of the child.
En distintas investigaciones se encontro que jueces de diferentes culturas tienden a acordar sobre la severidad de los eventos vitales incluidos en el SRRS (Fasano & Muratori, 1996; Liakopoulou et al.
Koch, "Coplanar waveguides incorporating SRRS or CSRRS," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol.
35m2 according to the SRRS and residential object 2d of total gross area of 6,606.