SRSASwedish Rescue Services Agency
SRSASouthern Regional Science Association (Regional Science Association International)
SRSASlow Reacting Substance of Anaphylaxis
SRSASouthern Rural Sociological Association
SRSAStrategy for Research on Sustainable Agriculture
SRSASuper-Resolution Spectral Analysis
SRSASouthern Rough Stock Association (Tennessee)
SRSASnow Response Specialists and Associates (SRSA, Inc.)
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The SRSA of the VAL extract was compared to that of quercetin (0.5 mg/mL) at the same concentration as shown in Table 1.
"Contrary to our hypothesis, older age was associated with higher SRSA, despite worse physical and cognitive functioning," say Jeste and colleagues.
The video was the culmination of a project led by the school council and has been entered in the national SRSA competition.
4019, 112th Cong., 2d Sess., [section][section] 101(1), 101(8), 102, and 201 (2012) (proposing extension of PILOT funding until 2017 and replacing SRSA funding with a more aggressive county payments program).
Gray, Ph.D., a rural sociologist with the Cooperative Programs office of USDA Rural Development, received an award for outstanding service from the Southern Rural Sociology Association (SRSA) on Feb.
The sampling design placed a special emphasis on Rural and Low-Income School Program (RLIS) and Small, Rural School Achievement Program (SRSA) schools; schools from Metro-Centric Locale Codes 6 (small town), 7 (rural, outside major statistical area), and 8 (rural, inside major statistical area); and schools from Urban-Centric Locale Code 43 (rural, remote).
The original proposition of a just settlement in South Australia failed and the issue needs to be re-visited (see State Records of South Australia (SRSA) GRG 2/64).
Williams, 'George Woodroofe [sic] Goyder: a practical geographer, Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society (South Australian Branch), v.79, 1978, pp.3-4 from SRSA GRG 35/2/1855/579.
RLIS funds are distributed to state education agencies, which then distribute money to the school districts that meet the following criteria: (a) the district is not eligible for a grant from the Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) program, which serves rural school districts that have fewer than 600 students or that serve extremely sparsely populated areas; (b) 20 percent or more of the children ages 5 through 17 served by the district are from families with incomes below the poverty line; and (c) all of the schools included in the district must have a National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) locale code of 6 (small town), 7 (rural), or 8 (rural near an urban area).
SRSA (Swedish Rescue Service Agency Sweden) ,DFID UK and SDC Switzerland have helped NDMA in creating these two international Standard Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams in Pakistan.