SRSAMShort Range Surface-to-Air Missile
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India, under this newly sealed deal, will acquire a system from Saab, which merges the Swedish firms Giraffe AMB 3-D radar and the BAMSE advanced ground-based air defense missile system for the SRSAM program in addition to a system based on the RBS 70 NG missile system for the country's man-portable VSHORAD missile program.
The production in India will comprise of subsystems and systems for SRSAM and VSHORAD with the aim to transfer production as well as development knowledge to India.
The agreement will initially focus on the VSHORAD and SRSAM programmes for India.
For the SRSAM requirement, Sb is offering a unique combination of its Giraffe AMB 3-D radar and the BAMSE advanced ground based air defence missile system.
Sb and Ashok Leyland are teaming to meet the SRSAM requirement with a new solution that combines the Sb BAMSE missile system with Ashok Leyland high-mobility vehicles.
The Sb BAMSE SRSAM is an all-weather, all-target, air defence missile system that can be deployed to protect fixed and mobile assets.
Ashok Leyland will deliver high-mobility vehicles to transport the BAMSE SRSAM solution.