SRSBSpecial Residential Services Board (now Children Acts Advisory Board; Dublin, Ireland)
SRSBSpirit of the Reformation Study Bible
SRSBStrait Regional School Board (Port Hastings, Nova Scotia, Canada)
SRSBSan Ramon Symphonic Band (San Ramon, CA)
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As shown in Figure 4, the longitudinal pressure distribution is fitted well by Equation (1), suggesting that the cosine correlation can be applied to the SRSBs of different slot configurations.
Agreement with this form of correlation is favourable, indicating that the lateral particle velocity profile in SRSBs can also be represented by parabolic relationships, although the centre of the spout did not coincide with the axis of the column.
As a result, the local flow structure of SRSBs shows considerable similarity to the flow pattern of conventional axisymmetric spouted beds.