SRSDSeine River School Division (Canada)
SRSDSeek Record and Scar Disk (computer joke)
SRSDSouthern Regional School District
SRSDSan Rafael Sanitation District (California; est. 1947)
SRSDSingle Record Student Database (Michigan)
SRSDself-regulated strategy development
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Thus, we proceeded with moderator analyses to determine if study quality, year of publication, type of instructor, or the use of SRSD could explain excess variability.
This was the pattern observed, for example, in the SRSD seasons of 2001 and 2006 following catastrophic droughts the preceding LRLD seasons.
Using the SRSD model, the intervention team discussed with the students how learning ART would be beneficial for them.
The first author (who created the intervention) provided ten hours of interactive one-on-one professional learning on how to (a) use and model use of the technology, (b) teach revising through the SRSD model; (c) give effective genre-based feedback, (d) assess students in a standardized manner, (e) keep a teacher notebook, (f) record spontaneous declarations, and (g) manage files.
Similarly, we eliminated SRSD and mnemonics instruction because we considered their foci academic rather than cognitive.
Three specific case studies were provided as examples of how SRSD and PBS strategies were adapted for selected students.
SRSD served as the lead division for HP in the certification process.
SRSD is designed to address difficulties with writing as well as attitudes, beliefs, and motivation related to the writing process.
For example, framing a training or a research report on SRSD by emphasizing its benefits (e.
Delano (2007a) reported that SRSD was effective in increasing the number of action and description words used and the number of revisions made during the narrative writing of a 14-year-old with Asperger's syndrome.
These strategies were taught with the SRSD model (Harris & Graham, 1996) to students during their study hall.