SRSDSingle Reference Storage Document (clinical trials)
SRSDself-regulated strategy development
SRSDSingle Record Student Database (Michigan)
SRSDSeine River School Division (Canada)
SRSDSeek Record and Scar Disk (computer joke)
SRSDSequential Regime Shift Detector (software: oceanography; climate research; economics)
SRSDSouthern Regional School District
SRSDSan Rafael Sanitation District (California; est. 1947)
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From the 10year running variance (solid line), it can be noted that the interannual variability of SPI for JFM in Figure 3(b) is less variable and the SRSD indicates that the period is devoid of any significant shift.
SRSD combines the teaching of writing processes through explicit instruction in general writing strategies with specific strategies of the text genre and the development of self-regulation strategies, including the establishment of goals, self-assessment, self-instruction, and self-reinforcement (Harris, Friedlander, Saddler, Frizzelle, & Graham, 2005).
However, the total time of persuasive writing instruction for SRSD investigations, a writing approach with similar components included in this study, ranged widely.
El SRSD consta de seis etapas a traves de las cuales es posible realizar la instruccion de las estrategias a aprender: a) activacion del conocimiento previo de los estudiantes sobre las estrategias; b) discusion de ventajas y utilidad, para conceptualizar las estrategias a ensenar; c) modelamiento por parte del instructor del uso de las estrategias a los estudiantes; d) memorizacion, esto es que los estudiantes repasan el uso modelado de las estrategias, recurriendo a claves mnemotecnicas; e) apoyo del instructor al estudiante en la implementacion de las estrategias mediante la retroalimentacion sobre el desempeno del estudiante; y f) desempeno independiente del estudiante al poner en practica la estrategia sin ayuda del instructor (Graham Saddler & Asaro, 2002; & Harris, 1999).
SRSD consists of a six-stage instructional framework for explicitly teaching drafting, composing, and revising.
SRSD. A goal of SRSD instruction is to assist students in mastering the higher-level cognitive processes involved in learning a target strategy, as well as the self-regulation components for using the strategy effectively.
Table 1 also reports seasonal mortality rates by location.14 Locations in Chalbi (Laisamis) cluster experienced relatively higher and more variable mortality rate during the SRSD (LRLD) season.
These interventions may include such programs as SRSD for Writing Strategies, Stepping Stones to Literacy, or Number Rockets (NCRTI, 2010).
Instructional strategies were adapted from the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD; Graham, Harris, & Mason, 2005) approach to train students to self-monitor on-task behavior.
One research-based practice to manage the strategy-instruction process is the use of the self-regulated strategy development model (SRSD; Graham & Harris, 2005).