SRSDSeine River School Division (Canada)
SRSDSeek Record and Scar Disk (computer joke)
SRSDSouthern Regional School District
SRSDSan Rafael Sanitation District (California; est. 1947)
SRSDSingle Record Student Database (Michigan)
SRSDself-regulated strategy development
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However, information gleaned from social validity surveys completed as part of the single case research design studies and planning meetings with district partners indicated teachers were eager to use SRSD for writing as a Tier 1 practice given the improvements in writing performance they had seen when SRSD had been implemented as a Tier 2 practice.
However, the total time of persuasive writing instruction for SRSD investigations, a writing approach with similar components included in this study, ranged widely.
SRSD consists of a six-stage instructional framework for explicitly teaching drafting, composing, and revising.
This was the pattern observed, for example, in the SRSD seasons of 2001 and 2006 following catastrophic droughts the preceding LRLD seasons.
Using the SRSD model, the intervention team discussed with the students how learning ART would be beneficial for them.
El modelo SRSD asume una concepcion sociocognitiva de la regulacion de la escritura entendiendola como "el proceso mediante el cual los estudiantes activan y mantienen procesos cognitivos, conductas y afectos, que son sistematicamente orientados hacia el logro de objetivos" (Zito et al.
Ennis implemented SRSD in using the mnemonic TWA+PLANS (Think before reading, think While reading, think After reading and Pick goals, List ways to meet goals, And make Notes, Sequence notes) in a high school social studies class to teach summary writing of informational texts to students with EBD.
SRSD involves explicit instruction in task-specific writing strategies through a series of criterion-based lessons.
Student outcomes in writing, integrity of teacher implementation of SRSD instruction, and student and teacher perceptions of social validity of the SRSD instruction are reported.
Research (Harris, Graham, Mason, & Saddler, 2002; Sawyer, Graham, & Harris, 1992; Wong, Harris, Graham, & Butler, 2003) has empirically documented that SRSD is an effective means for helping children to learn and apply mnemonic strategies for writing.
SRSD was found to be a powerful treatment for students with LD, offering a head-on approach by explicitly teaching students strategies that address their strategic behavior, self-regulation skills, knowledge, and mechanical limitations specific to the writing process.
The current study expanded the literature base by investigating the effectiveness of SRSD to teach summary writing of informational texts to three high school students with EBD served in a residential facility.