SRSISelf-Regulation Skills Interview (psychology)
SRSISmith Relaxation States Inventory
SRSIShotokan Research Society International
SRSISuicide Risk Screening Instrument (Florida)
SRSISelf-Rating Scale of Intelligence (psychology)
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Using an intraclass correlation coefficient, a high level of interrater reliability was found between raters for each SRSI item ranging from .81 to .92 (p < .05).
Development and standardization of the Self-Regulation Skills Interview (SRSI): A new clinical assessment tool for acquired brain injury.
In the fifth step, PWPI and SRSI are generated using the reconstructed pyroshock data.
In addition, when the amplitude of [SRS.sub.R](x, y, [f.sub.n]) is imaged in color scale as frequency increases, the SRSI is obtained as shown in Figure 8(b).
A principal component analysis based on physical-chemical characteristics (temperature, salinity, DO, site depth, nitrates, nitrites, ammonium, SRP, SRSi and urea), Chl-a and population density of epiphytic dinoflagellates was used to establish correlations between the dinoflagellate abundances and the environmental factors including seasonality.
The high concentrations of SRSi reflect the huge influence of the aquifer in the lake, mainly during the cold fronts and rainy seasons.
Salinity and reactive soluble silica (SRSi) were the only hydrological variables that explained significantly the physiological oyster variability (69.7% and 18.6%, respectively) (Table 1).
During the time of the spring algal maximum (weeks 11 to 19) marked signals appear in this mode: higher concentrations of dissolved oxygen, higher pH, lower SDT, higher zooplankton biomass, and reduced concentrations of SRSi and nitrate (Fig.