SRSLShree Renuka Sugars Limited (India)
SRSLSouth Region Soccer League (Ontario, Canada)
SRSLSociété Royale des Sciences de Liège (French: Royal Society of Sciences of Liege; Belgium)
SRSLSocialist Revolutionary Social Liberation (Sri Lanka)
SRSLStafford Recreational Soccer League (Virginia)
SRSLSAMS (Scottish Association for Marine Science) Research Services Limited (Argyll, Scotland, UK)
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grades of Official-exam, grades of Follow-up exam and SRSL).
Learning performance on Official-exam, Follow-up exam and SRSL
The results shown in Table 5-7 illustrate that both the main effects of cognitive styles on Official-exam, Follow-up exam and SRSL [F(1,100)=0.108, p=.743; F(1,100)=0.724, p=.397; F(1,100)=1.448, p=.232] and guidance methods of VLC on Official-exam, Follow-up exam and SRSL [F(1,100)=0.808, p=.371; F(1,100)=1.404, p=.239; F(1,100)=0.006, p=.938] were not statistically significant.
Table 8 showed that when the guidance method of VLC was discussion mode, the learning performance (Official-exam, Follow-up exam and SRSL) of FD and FI was significantly different [F(1,50)=4.755, p=.034; F(1,50)=4.812, p=.033; F(1,50)=5.035, p=.029].
The Follow-up exam [F(1,102)=11.965, p=.001] and SRSL [F(1,102)=4.929, p=.029] also showed that the learning performance of the adaptive group was significantly higher than that of the non-adaptive group.
ICRA also has an outstanding rating of LA+ for the INR10.5bn fund-based limits and INR8.38bn term loans and an A1+ rating for the INR3bn commercial paper programme of SRSL. Both the long-term and short-term ratings are under rating watch with "negative" implications.
ICRA has recently put the outstanding ratings of SRSL on watch following the company's decision to acquire a majority stake in Equipav SA ACUCAR e ALCOOL, one of the largest sugar/ethanol companies in Brazil for a consideration of USD329m.
The screen deck of the SRSL 2000/1000 machine is 2000 x 1000mm and each machine is powered by a single invicta Type BL 30 -- 18/4 (1150 watt) rotary electric vibrator, which imparts a circular vibratory motion to the screen.
Mogensen Raw Materials Handling recently launched a new version of the Type SRSL 1660/750-11/4 vibratory screen designed for the dewatering of washed salad stuffs.