SRSRSIM (Security Identity Module) Reset Status Register
SRSRSeries Rotating Sliding Rail (wall installation)
SRSRSociety for the Retired and Semi-Retired (Canada)
SRSRSingle Rope Speed Relay (jump roping)
SRSRShort Regularly Spaced Repeat (biochemistry)
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Entre las variables empleadas, las mas determinantes son i) oscilacion diurna de la temperatura, precipitacion de los meses mas lluviosos y precipitacion de los meses mas calidos (verano); ii) indices de vegetacion VI y SRSR luego de la estacion seca (agosto), asi como la estacionalidad en la precipitacion y la precipitacion en los meses mas frios; y iii) otros indices de vegetacion para agosto y el modelo digital de elevacion.
(5) Indices de vegetacion: SR = (NIR/R); SRSR = V(NIR/R); NDVI = (NIR-R)/ (NIR+R); VI = (NIR-R).
We will present in this section the case of the dihedral group [D.sub.m] with presentation [D.sub.m] = (s, r | [s.sup.2] = [r.sup.m] = srsr = e).
d\[D.sub.m] [D.sub.3] [D.sub.4] 2 ss ss 3 rrr 4 ssss rsrs ssss rsrs srsr srsr rrrr 5 ssrrr rrssr srrrs rrrss rssrr d\[D.sub.m] [D.sub.5] [D.sub.6] 2 ss ss 3 4 ssss rsrs ssss rsrs srsr srsr 5 rrrrr Acknowledgements
The hearing of separate petition related to the bail application and police custody of SRSR Holding general manager Gopala Krishna Raju is scheduled for Thursday.