SRSSSun Ray Server Software
SRSSSQL Reporting Services
SRSSSquare Root of the Sum of the Squares
SRSSShuttle Range Safety System (US NASA)
SRSSServer Resources Server Suite
SRSSSudden-Reality Shock Syndrome (The Onion)
SRSSSurface Rescue Swimmer School
SRSSSpace Remote Sensing Systems
SRSSStochastic Rough Surface Scattering
SRSSSmall Robotic Scout System (US Army)
SRSSService and Repair Support Specialist (various companies)
SRSSSpringwood Road State School (Australia)
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by SRSS, interviewed a random national sample of 1001 adults, with a sampling error of plus or minus 3.7 points.
Enquanto isso, os SRSs tornaram-se um genero de midias sociais que reduz barreiras a comunicacao, facilita a exibicao de informacoes sobre identidade e permite que individuos com ideias semelhantes percebam facilmente o seu terreno comum, ajudando assim os usuarios a cultivar interacoes socialmente relevantes (ELLISON; BOYD, 2013, p.160, traducao da autora).
[19] described the design optimization of SRSs using a multi-objective genetic algorithm based on RAMS+C measures.
The safety lifecycle includes the necessary activities involved in the implementation of SRSs [3].
The results confirmed the importance of SRSs for enzymesubstrate interaction, proposed earlier by Gotoh [89].
Amanda Santos e Paulo Vaz (2017) argumentam que os testemunhos de individuos no espaco publico, inclusive nos SRSs, produzem uma nova subjetividade: a da vitima.
It is important to mention that in July 2015 the European Commission set up the Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS) aimed in helping the EU Member States to address implementation challenges in this respect.
in which [PHI][] represents the standard normal probability integral, [a.sub.c] is the median capacity, [[beta].sub.R] and [[beta].sub.u] represent the logarithmic standard deviation in capacity of aleatory uncertainty and epistemic uncertainty, respectively, pc is the square root of the sum of the squares (SRSS) of [[beta].sub.R] and [[beta].sub.U].
In regard to the combination procedure of the impulsive forces and the convective forces, Eurocode 8 suggests the absolute sum combination procedure of the impulsive forces and the convective forces, while the ACI, NZS, and IS suggest the Square Root Sum of the Squares method (SRSS) [14, 16, 17].
Thus, to investigate the effect of aliasing on SRS analysis, we obtained three SRSs from the PPSS model at the measurement point (50 mm apart from the resonator), as shown in Figure 12.
[17] proposed locating users based on C-RAN using Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) of Sounding Reference Signals (SRSs) from different antennas.
Part I examines the impact of Structural Reform Strategies (SRSs) of the IFIs upon the rule of law and good governance in Pakistan.