SRTFShortest Remaining Time First
SRTFSteve Robinson and the Foundation (Des Moines, IA musician)
SRTFSunshine Reform Task Force (San Jose, CA)
SRTFSource Related Transfer Function (acoustics)
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The SRTF is a multi-donor trust fund that has significant reach inside
SRTF has the capability to deliver critical equipment and supplies to
allow the SRTF to expand into areas newly liberated from ISIL.
"The SRTF restores essential services in areas under the control of the Syrian interim government," the senior government source told Gulf News.
Mutanolysin extracts were prepared from pelleted bacteria as described (16,17) and used to detect pili encoded by the srtF and srtG pilus clusters by Western blotting with antibodies directed against the major subunit of each pilus (16,17).
reported associations between particular STs and the presence or absence of putative pilus gene clusters, designated srtBCD, srtE, srtF, and srtG clusters (13).
It has been shown that one ST25 isolate from Canada, which does not have a discrete srtF pilus cluster and is unable to express the srtF pilus, is nonetheless PCR positive for each of the individual srtF genes because PCR amplicons can be generated from homologs of these genes found at various genome locations (13,16).
The fact that ST25 strains do not express MRP or the srtF pili, yet they are more virulent than ST28 strains, further demonstrates the dispensability of these factors for the full virulence of S.