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SRTPSecure Real-Time Transport Protocol
SRTPShort Range Transit Plan
SRTPSecure Realtime Transport Protocol
SRTPSequenced Routing Update Protocol
SRTPSociety, Religion and Technology Project (UK)
SRTPSupervised Registered Tax Preparer (US IRS)
SRTPSequenced Routing Update Protocol (Banyan)
SRTPSilk Road Theatre Project (Chicago, IL)
SRTPSaudi Riyal Thrift Plan
SRTPSanta Rosa Treatment Program (Santa Rosa, CA)
SRTPSelectively Reliable Transport Protocol
SRTPSurgical Residency Training Program
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SRTP defines a framework to provide encryption and integrity for Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) [21] and RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) [21] streams.
Our vocabulary quickly expanded to incorporate such terms as Silk Road playwrights, Silk Road plays, Silk Road actors, and Silk Road communities, with SRTP becoming the nation's first-ever theater company dedicated to representing such a diverse grouping of peoples and cultures.
Plasma concentrations of tCF-DNA in stable renal transplantation patients (SRTPs) (n = 31) were within the reference interval during the first 3 months after transplantation.
ISMACryp is different from traditional secure protocols (SRTP and IPsec).
The phone is VPN capable, and supports SRTP and TLS security standards that prevent the recording and sniffing of data.--snom technology
The closing chapters explain the fundamental principles of cryptography and the security protocols of IPsec, transport layer security, SRTP, and SIP digest.
In the last 10 years, the total number of candidates on the kidney transplant waiting list at any time during the calendar year increased by 81% (SRTP,, 2007).
Support for Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP) and SIP Transport Layer Security (TLS) are now included.
[] Develop a short-range training program (SRTP) for a battalion-sized unit from preliminary gunnery through platoon gunnery;
Hume, Larkins, and Iyer (1999) investigated tax professionals' compliance with Statements on Responsibilities in Tax Practice (SRTP), which were advisory in nature and were superseded by the enforceable SSTS.
The unit has lots of communications options: serial (SNP, SNP Master, Serial Read/Write, RTU Slave and RTU Master, USB) and Ethernet (SRTP and Modbus TCP).