SRTSSafe Routes to School (also seen as SR2S)
SRTSSynchronized Residual Time Stamp
SRTSShort-Tailed Shearwater (bird species)
SRTSSynchronous Residual Time Stamp (ATM Forum)
SRTSSecondary Request to Send (ITU-T)
SRTSService Request Tracking System
SRTSSpectacle Request Transmission System
SRTSService Requirements Tracking System (US NASA)
SRTSShort Range Thermal Sight
SRTSStrategic Reconnaissance Training Squadron
SRTSScaled Range Target System
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Nine SRTs from the COMELEC Main Office in Manila will facilitate the three-day registration activity to augment the existing workforce and satellite registration conducted by the Offices of the Election Officer (OEOs) in the areas covered by the BOL Plebiscite.
Under the Proposed Rule, Federal Regulators would require Covered Institutions with $50 billion or more in assets to defer at least 40% of incentive-based compensation of SEOs and SRTs for a minimum of four years.
Mean SRTs were 1.3 dB SNR for HiRes, 0.96 dB SNR for HiRes FFT, and 1.4 dB SNR for HiRes Optima.
Mines and Sherrard [16] observed incomplete nitrification (40 to 65% with SRTs of, resp., 17 and 21 d) with an influent of 0.5 kg TKN x [m.sup.-3].
The time between the presentation of the stimulus and the initiation of foot lifting from the 'gas' pedal is an example of simple RT (SRT) (one stimulus, one response); while the MT is the time from the beginning to the end of the movement.
We add the other request frame (SRTS) between RTS and CTS access to complete a three-way handshaking.
The health network in the city of Rio de Janeiro includes 62 SRTs which are distributed throughout the city.
The Southern regional timber supply model (SRTS) uses an exogenously specified timber demand trajectory to drive changes in southern timber inventory and timber markets (Abt et al.
As a result, alternative approaches are being investigated to advance new treatments for Fabry disease, which focus on three main areas of research: chaperone therapies, substrate reduction therapies (SRTs), and combinations of their use with ERT.