SRTTSaints Row the Third (game)
SRTTSerial Reaction Time Task (neurology)
SRTTSir Ratan Tata Trust (India; philanthropic institution)
SRTTSmoothed Round Trip Timeout
SRTTSmooth Round Trip Time
SRTTStandard Reference Test Tyre
SRTTSmoothed Real-Time Clock
SRTTStandard Residential Tenancy Terms (Australia)
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As stated in [4], then, we propose the RTO calculation by multiplying the estimated SRTT by a K parameter:
The SRTT calculation is the one proposed in RFC 6298 [31] and is performed as follows: the first time an RTT measurement is obtained at time j, SRT[T.sub.j] = RT[T.sub.J].
We will assess motor skill performance of each participant using a serial reaction time task (SRTT).
The effect of ihPAS on (1) iM1 cortical excitability (TMS-EEG), (2) paretic arm motor skill performance (SRTT), and (3) motor function (3-item WMFT) will be evaluated.
We sought to determine the external validity of the SRTT by conducting a retrospective assessment of septic patients with no prior exposure to etomidate from three Australian ICUs.
Group C comprised patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria used for enrolment into the SRTT (6).
1992 SRTT Netherlands 9.0 [up arrow] Vreugdenhil reaction time et al.