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SRUSSchwimmen Retten Und Sport (German: Swimming, Rescue and Sports)
SRUSSolitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome
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Fecal evacuation disorder was reported to be a potential risk factor for SRUS [8-10], and gut-directed biofeedback therapy is an effective behavioral intervention [8, 9].
The Scottish Prison Officers Association added: "We do not think there is a particular problem for prison officers with the numbers of prisoners in SRUs.
The DynaWave reverse jet scrubber aims to provide SRUs with a simple and highly flexible product that adheres to strict regula-tions aimed at enhancing the long-term sustainability of today's oil and gas industry and reduce the global environmental impact of SRU units.
Patients were defined as the "comprehensive" group if admitted to a specialized rehabilitation unit (SRU) bed section during the index hospitalization.
The surgical resuscitation unit (SRU) should replace the current FST as the surgical capability designed to support the full spectrum of operations (rapid maneuver phase, stability, counterinsurgency, special operations).
A simple look at D200 shows the Air Force continues to repair LRUs and SRUs even when engines are 10 to 20 percent over target.
The Jacobs Engineering of the US has the contract to carry out process design and engineering services for the SRUs and the acid gas enrichment unit.
The same principles hold true for the turn-in of line replaceable units (LRUs) and shop replaceable units (SRUs) for your M1-series tanks and M2/M3-series Bradleys.
The touchscreen can be configured to capture statistics on student responses to questions as entered via the SRUs. This is extremely helpful in determining how well students are grasping concepts during the lecture, and if used properly, can adequately compensate for the lack of eye contact with students.
Cincinnati Electronics was recently awarded a $1.5 million contract for the effort, which calls for the delivery of three modified EDA SRUs by this December.
Demands for SRUs will shift from base level to the applicable depot or CRF.