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SRUTISteps to Reducing Unwanted Traffic on the Internet (workshop)
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Our dubious toppers and hoppers should hang their heads in shame in front of people like Sruti whose honest efforts teach us the noble lesson: Honesty is the best policy
Gupta & Sruti, (1982), "Role Stress: A Study of Female," Indian Journal of Psychometry and Education, 32(1).
Para el caso de India, existen tambien una serie de clasificaciones que determinan el analisis literario: primero, en la lengua, el sanscrito (la lengua perfectamente hecha) se opone a los prakritos (las lenguas habladas); y el sanscrito vedico (de los Vedas), al sanscrito clasico (de la epica); segundo, en la mitologia, se habla de dioses y mitos vedicos, por un lado, y de dioses y mitos hindues, por otro; y, tercero, en la literatura, conviene tener presente la distincion entre Sruti y Smrti.
Sruti Chauhan ( name changed) admits that tiger moms are a reality.
Krishnan, Naresh Ayyar, Gunasekar, Sruti Hassan, Chinna Ponnu, Suseela Raman, Blaze, Kash and Rehana.
Given the organic-sounding, free-flowing way in which the set had kicked off, with the band coming on to the droning sounds of a sruti box, it undermined the intent a bit.
Nearly a thousand students applauded in unison as Lakshay Sharma, Sruti Lata Kattoor, Sruthi Viswanathunni, Pawan Manjunath, Lakshna Mehta and Shalaka Pai were invited to the podium by Mohana, who then handed out their certificates and RO50 gift vouchers.
Similarly, we require clarifications from our teachers, we send out an e-mail to the forum with our questions and the teacher immediately responds,o says Sruti Sundar, a Grade X student.
Sruti significa "lo que se ha escuchado y comunicado desde los primeros tiempos", conocimiento sagrado transmitido oralmente por el brahman de generacion en generacion.
India's legal foundations began with the philosophy of dharma and the classical texts of the Vedas and Sruti according to Burke, et al.
Sruti Ranjani: essays on Indian classical music and dance.
First, the performance method of these songs forced women to sing very high because the keynote, or sruti, was determined in practice by a male vocal range, usually a sruti of C or D.