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SRVSocialist Republic of Vietnam
SRVService Corporation (funeral company; stock symbol)
SRVSimian Retrovirus
SRVSocial Role Valorization (Wolf Wolfensberger's The Principle of Normalization in Human Services)
SRVSport Recreation Vehicle
SRVSpecialisti in Radiologia Veterinaria
SRVSociété des Régates de Vannes (French: Regatta Society of Vannes; Vannes, France)
SRVStrasbourg Roller Vitesse (French: Strasbourg Speed Skating; Strasbourg, France)
SRVSaddle River Valley
SRVSpecial Reconnaissance Vehicle
SRVStorage and Retrieval Vehicles
SRVStore Receipt Voucher
SRVSequential Response Vector
SRVSaint-Rémy Vittel (French sports club)
SRVSecurity and Reconnaissance Vehicles
SRVSubmersible Rescue Vehicle
SRVSystem Requirement Verification (design phase)
SRVSurveillance Restoral Vehicle
SRVSewer Relief Vent
SRVStorage Ring Viewer (computing)
SRVSan Ramon Valley
SRVStevie Ray Vaughan
SRVSafety Relief Valve
SRVSubmarine Rescue Vehicle
SRVSmudge Resistant Vinyl (mouse pads)
SRVService Record (DNS)
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We are also exploring other KONE solutions with SRV to further smoothen people flow in this high-rise environment, including our smart destination control system," says Noud Veeger, Executive Vice President for KONE Central and North Europe.
The tools SRV Technologies brings to the table and Scott Vogt's expertise in complex database design, systems architecture, and logistics planning will be valuable assets in enhancing our custom-built operations," said Bob Gold, CEO of Gold Mobile.
You could mistake the sporty SRV for Aprilia's RSV4R superbike if you look at it head-on.
Vicky Brown, sales and marketing director - Analox Military Systems, said: "By the nature of its purpose - rescuing sailors from stricken submarines - the SRV is likely to operate in hazardous conditions.
An SRV will typically moor at the deepwater port for between four and eight days, depending on vessel size and send out rate.
The event offers an invitation to explore SRV fully, including the viewpoints of serious dissenters.
SRV Group Plc operates as a partner in property and construction projects and is the leading project management contractor in Finland.
164 numbers to URIs and the VPF SRV Registry resolves domain names to specific IP addresses for call routing.
The VPF SRV Registry maps Internet domain names to Internet addresses, based on the traditional Domain Name Server (DNS) lookup architecture.
If you exchanged shares of EQU for shares of SRV, or purchased shares of SRV in the open market during the period July 23, 1998 through January 26, 1999 you may wish to contact either Kathryn A.
Kelso has scheduled meetings with similar US companies in the oil and gas and chemical industries to sell its JS SRV pressure relief valves and is pleased to confirm significant interest.
SRV Recycling AB procures a rear-loading triaxial garbage truck with a compartment for the transport of food waste.