SRWSScottish Rights of Way Society (Scotland, UK)
SRWSSita Reservations Web Services
SRWSSubmarine Regional Warfare System
SRWSSolidrock Wall Systems (Barre, MA specialty company that builds rock climbing walls)
SRWSSquamish River Watershed Society (Canada)
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Table 5 shows the mean number of questions answered incorrectly per quiz for all students, and the percent of each type of error in the SRQ and the SRWS conditions.
When asked which method students liked best, 16 preferred the SRWS method, 3 had no preference, and 1 preferred the SRQ method.
The students in both experiments had slightly higher scores on homework assignments in the SRWS condition.
One possible reason for the slightly higher gains in SRWS homework accuracy may be that the SRWS homework assignments focused students' attention to key points throughout the reading.
In both experiments students scored higher on next day quizzes in the SRWS condition--25.
Another possible reason for this outcome is that homework in the SRWS condition was probably easier to study, as confirmed by most of the student-opinion reports in both experiments.
3), whereas for the short answer questions, the mean number of incorrect answers was slightly higher in the SRWS condition (short answer--SRQ: 34.
In Experiment I, the next day quiz scores in the SRWS condition were consistently higher than the next day quiz scores in the SRWS condition in Experiment II.
It is uncertain whether the SRWS method would be equally applicable to homework assignments having different instructional purposes.
Other variables related to procedure which may be examined include analyzing the effects of: combining SRWS homework with self-monitoring or error correction to increase independent learning skills, modifying SRWS methods to provide additional opportunities to respond for students who need more practice, and combining SRWS homework assignments with public posting and individual or group contingencies to provide greater incentives for students to do well on SRWS tasks.
If the students consistently spent more time completing either the SRQ method or the SRWS method, the number of minutes spent independently responding to the social studies reading material may have been a plausible explanation for the differences in daily quiz scores and maintenance measures.
However, the experimenters were able to report the scores of most of the students, and the consistency of that data provides powerful evidence of a functional relationship between the SRWS condition and increased academic achievement.