SRWSSquamish River Watershed Society (Canada)
SRWSSolidrock Wall Systems (Barre, MA specialty company that builds rock climbing walls)
SRWSScottish Rights of Way Society (Scotland, UK)
SRWSSita Reservations Web Services
SRWSSubmarine Regional Warfare System
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Later that year the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing (SRW) was established, using as a basis the 91st RG which had been transferred to SAC in July.
The 311th Air Division was disestablished in November 1949, and the two independent reconnaissance squadrons that had been assigned to the Air Division, along with a host of new squadrons, were assigned to two new Strategic Reconnaissance Wings--the 5th SRW and the 9th SRW.
The 91st SRW provides an excellent example of this.
Even as they were being fielded, the 91st SRW's RB-45s were viewed as temporary gap fillers in SAC's strategic reconnaissance force until such time as more capable RB-47s could be fielded in adequate numbers.
Koecher and his crew shipped one pallet of SRW units at a time into the job site.
The SRQ and SRWS homework methods were implemented on alternating weeks, Monday through Thursday, starting with the SRQ method.
Table 2 shows the mean percent accuracy of SRQ and SRWS homework assignments for each student.
A unit test consisting of 60 multiple choice questions (30 from the SRQ method and 30 from the SRWS method) was given at the end of the study to determine the extent to which the students maintained the social studies content.
One week after the completion of the study, the first author interviewed all 12 students who participated in the study and found the following results: 11 out of 12 students stated they liked the SRWS method better than the SRQ method; all 12 students stated they thought that both homework methods took about the same amount of time for them to complete (about 20 to 40 minutes); 11 out of 12 students stated that the SRWS method better prepared them for the next day quizzes, and 11 out of 12 students said they thought they learned more using the SRWS method.
Excavation - SRWs eliminate the need for deep excavations and concrete foundations.
Conventional SRWs are gravity walls that rely solely on self weight and batter (setback) of the units to resist external destabilizing forces.
Now that we are confident of the capabilities of SRWs and geogrids in taller structures, how high can we go?