SS3Super Show 3 (Super Junior tour)
SS3Shift Solenoid 3
SS3Super Saiyain 3 (Dragonball)
SS3Non-Acoustic Sensor Operator in the P3 (US Navy)
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Bin Touq finished his day in sixth place overall, but Bel Helei and Khalid Al Kendi got stuck behind a broken car for around 12km on SS3.
We had a great start but in SS3 in the 3rd Km the car started acting strangely and we started losing traction and stability -- initially I thought it was a puncture but we subsequently found out that it was a broken front right drive shaft.
SS3 said we would be good for another 10 miles or so, and then we'd need to come left about 30 degrees for a storm cell off the nose.
In SS1, SS2 and SS3, some individual PAHs predominate, these are benzo(b) fluoranthene and benzo(ghi)perylene while in SS5 to SS9, chrysene predominate however, in SS8 phenanthrene was very high as compared to other sampling stations.
The curves of SS1 and SS3 blends are nearly superposed at a line, the evidence that starch was not successfully modified by the first condition.
The Kanguru SS3 is one of the fastest drives on the market," says Don Brown, President and CEO of Kanguru.
CAMBRIDGE, England -- Antenova Ltd, the integrated antenna and RF solutions company, announced a special sub-$3 price offering of its GPS RADIONOVA SS3 Receiver Module - a complete GPS receiver including SiRFstarIII GPS IC and all front end RF components in a very small low profile single package module.
45, SS3 ROBERTO DI MATTEO reckons it's time Chelsea played like European champions in their "mustwin" clash with Shakhtar Donetsk.
Streetspin by Davin - Streetspin offers "affordable luxury" to auto enthusiasts with the addition of the SS3 design.
GOLF: The Open, BBC 2 from 9am; Sanderson Farms, SS3 9pm.
CRICKET: Durham v Essex, Yorkshire Bank 40, SS3 (1.
CRICKET: Somerset v Warwicks, County Champs, SS3 (11am).