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SS7Signaling System 7 (telephony protocol)
SS7Super Socket 7 (processor socket type)
SS7Signaling System Seven
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SS7, which stands for Signaling System 7, was created in the 1970s as a way for telecommunications carriers to exchange information as they routed calls.
Chanmeta stressed that officials were not sure whether the hackers were exploiting the security weakness, but noted that most of the recent attacks involved hacking into text messages - a hallmark of SS7.
Read: ( What Is SS7? Legislators Ask FCC To Examine Security Flaw In Communications Infrastructure
Ramalingam further added, "As shown above, the ingress gateway, the IP Network, and the egress gateway provide a bridge for the SS7 signaling and traffic.
SoIP (SS7 over IP) is a compact, high performance and cost effective SS7 to IP gateway providing signaling and media gateway capabilities in a single box.
The latest release of the solutions includes embedded SS7 signaling servers, which is designed to reduce the solution footprint and lower deployment costs.
Other products in the NexusWare software suite include: NexusWare Portal - a remote management application for MicroTCA systems; NexusWare C7, an SS7 MTP-2 package for SS7 development; and NexusWare WAN, a set of communication protocols for equipment such as radar, sensor, and serial gateways.
This SS7 building block has a price-performance ratio that far exceeds that of the competition and will enable everyone from small companies to larger carriers a more affordable option for distributing applications over SS7.
* SMS through SS7's GSM Mobile Application Part (GSM MAP) - Envox CT ADE 10 extends its SS7 support to include SMS communication through GSM MAP, allowing messages to be delivered to mobile phones through an SS7 network.
When CSU/DSU support plus optional Signaling System 7 (SS7) software are added, XPort2001 can fly or be grounded in nearly any telecommunications system location.
7 (SS7) is a signaling network and protocol that is used to bring fixed-line and cellular telecommunications networks to life.
The network delivers a broad variety of mobile message types, including SMS, WAP, MMS, and IM using both IP and SS7.