SSAASuper-Sampling Anti-Aliasing (computer graphics)
SSAASystem Security Authorization Agreement
SSAASporting Shooters Association of Australia
SSAASocial Security Administration Act (Australia)
SSAASoprano Soprano Alto Alto (sheet music parts)
SSAAScottish Society of Architect Artists
SSAASocial Security Alumni Association
SSAASystem Security Approval Authority
SSAASwedish Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics
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In addition, seeds from both harvest seasons (2008/2009 and 2009/2010) showed uniformity during process of water absorption in the SSAA test, where the variation in the seed moisture content was 1.
There is also an arrangement by Stephen Smith, available in SATB, SSAA and TTBB that is also very nice.
Additionally, the growth index (GI) values showed similarity to the SESI and SSAA results, clearly identifying lot one as having the highest quality seeds, whereas lots three and four had the poorest quality seeds.
pdf, <accessed 3 February 2014>; Thora McIlroy Mills, The Contribution of the Presbyterian Church to the Yukon During the Gold Rush, 1897-1910 (Toronto: United Church Publishing House, 1977), 18-19,46-49; SSAA, W.
For many years, licensed firearm owners have borne the brunt of misguided firearm law reforms aimed at placating the public rather than tackling the root of the problem," SSAA declared.
30 pm SSAA 9 am-5 Close Close 9 am-5 pm 9 am-5 pm pm OMIAD 9 am-5 9 am-5 9 am-5 9 am - 5 pm 9 am - 4 pm pm pm pm
I live in Brisbane and at our local SSAA branch we shoot a BGR competition once a month.
Indeed, it appears that only three statutes in force when Congress adopted the SSAA included a "with or without remanding" clause.
Although DITSCAP can do mutual exchange by SSAA, it is too big documentation without its appendices.
IA = DITSCAP DITSCAP = SSAA SSAA = Documentation [?
Under previous ownership, it was sailed single-handed around Australia and since then has been raced in SSAA competitions and two handed in the 2016 Coffs Harbour race.